The RussiaGate Investigatory Tide Has Turned

Alternatively, Dems should have admitted & critiqued the 2016 failure and moved on to rebuild what has become a Clinton-damaged political party

The Tide Has Turned: Voters Do Not Want Pedigreed Insiders — They Don’t Want Trump Either!

Anybody besides me find it fascinating the entire Clinton Campaign paid-for Steele dossier — otherwise known as The Dirty Dossier — was included, on page two in a breakout box, in a draft of the Obama Administration’s Division of National Intelligence (DNI) Assessment? This is according to prize-winning Watergate investigative reporter, Bob Woodward. Forget not it was the DNI report that convinced nearly the entire nation Russiagate was real.

Apparently at least some wisdom prevailed among the intelligence experts as the DNI final version only cherry-picked parts of the dossier for inclusion, along with Crowdstrike’s second report which subsequently was proven faulty and in large part retracted by Crowdstrike itself. Additionally, the DNI assessment devoted way too much space negatively critiquing the Russian television station, RT, which features a host of well-known American broadcasters, including even the grand son of the man who invented American football.

Anyway, playing a very strong supporting role within the DNI assessment was Crowdstrike’s second report. Its first report included the CIA, FBI and NSA each sporting a “moderate degree of confidence” the Russians hacked the DNC. Crowdstrike’s second report that was emphasized by the DNI saw the CIA and FBI to mark up their assessment to a “high degree of confidence,” however the NSA maintained its original “moderate degree” level. But that was enough to move the nation! What’s interesting here is, among the three agencies, it is the NSA that would know best.

After a phenomenal barrage of subsequent anti-Russian publicity spread far and wide, data from two separate sources — the highly credible International Institute for Strategic Studies and also the Ukrainian government — proved Crowdstrike’s second report data was faulty and unreliable. Crowdstrike then retracted key portions the report which the DNI relied upon.

It is well beyond noteworthy to point out both the Steele Dossier and the Crowdstrike Reports were paid for by the Clinton Campaign/DNC via the law offices of Perkins-Coie. The Steele Dossier in particular was rudimentary for the government obtaining the FISA warrants from the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The Perkins-Coie information was held close to the vest and never let out until an investigation from a lawsuit in the UK, information from the US intelligence committees and from competing leakers of information.

Importantly, none of the Crowdstrike retraction was reported in mainstream media. One almost needed Ph.d research capability in order to discover anything related to Crowdstrike’s retraction. Meanwhile, what already had been reported was allowed to live and this enabled every media organization, for nearly three years, to claim the Russians hacked the DNC. Indeed, Vladimir Putin got taken unnecessarily to the US woodshed.

What’s truly ironic about this is it turns out that Putin — if you examine closely his domestic policy emphasized in his last two state of the union speeches — is actually a better Democrat than Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer!

First-Ever Anti-War Internet Debate — The Role of VIPS

I was part of the very first comprehensive internet open discussion forums pre-dating Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube. It was a stock investment forum called Silicon Investor. Not only were there posting sites to discuss performance of stocks, but there were chat forums where everything under the sun was ripe for discussion.

Posting under the name PartyTime, I created perhaps the very first large internet anti-war debate during the build-up to the War on Iraq. It was called DON’T START THE WAR! Lil’ ole’ me very reasonably knew there was no WMD, no mobile labs, no yellow cake, no Al Qaeda in Iraq and no Iraqi troops on the Saudi border. One of my key sources for this information was the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), comprised of former high-ranking intelligence officials. All throughout Bush and Cheney’s Shock and Awe, the VIPS reports were 100% accurate and proven true as time wore on.

Well, VIPS has checked in again on Russiagate. And like during the Iraq War, these intelligence professionals are telling the truth again. And like during the Iraq War, mainstream media continues to ignore their scientific and forensic findings.


What Wikileaks released came from inside leakage, and not a Russian hack! Once again, I forewarn Democrats not to place a pedigreed political insider at the top of the ticket to defeat Donald Trump, or any Republican in the event Trump gets indicted for financial corruption or for soiled linen matters, like hanging out with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein … or whatever else may be lurking.

It would be wise for the Democratic Party to embrace the messaging coming forth from Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Gravel, Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson. The electorate wanted an outsider when it elected Obama, but he governed as an insider. It wanted an outsider when it elected Trump, but he has proven himself as a fraudulent imposter.

The electorate still wants an outsider in the presidency and this is precisely why 44% of those registered to vote are registered Independents! Democrats will not win the presidency or capture the US senate without the help of Independent voters!

The Tide has turned and it’s time for progressive thinking in America!

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