The RussiaGate Investigatory Tide Has Turned

Alternatively, Dems should have admitted & critiqued the 2016 failure and moved on to rebuild what has become a Clinton-damaged political party

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The Tide Has Turned: Voters Do Not Want Pedigreed Insiders — They Don’t Want Trump Either!

First-Ever Anti-War Internet Debate — The Role of VIPS

I was part of the very first comprehensive internet open discussion forums pre-dating Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube. It was a stock investment forum called Silicon Investor. Not only were there posting sites to discuss performance of stocks, but there were chat forums where everything under the sun was ripe for discussion.


What Wikileaks released came from inside leakage, and not a Russian hack! Once again, I forewarn Democrats not to place a pedigreed political insider at the top of the ticket to defeat Donald Trump, or any Republican in the event Trump gets indicted for financial corruption or for soiled linen matters, like hanging out with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein … or whatever else may be lurking.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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