The Royal Flush of Oligarchy

Michael Weddle
6 min readMay 18, 2019


“You could know the Jack of Hearts, or the King who rules with spare parts … perhaps the queen her lovely view — are the cards really right for you?” — lyrics from my song The Way Things Really Are!

(Youtube version) The Way Things Really Are — Written and Performed by Michael Weddle

For each of us, at some point along the line, there comes a day of reckoning. Same is true for the free nature of a society.

With respect to the reckoning of a free society, a free citizenry requires a free press. Without it, there is no freedom for understanding the reality of our lives. It is unquestionably the job of the press to hold constitutional government, the elections which form this government and, yes, powerful governing corporations accountable. If a free press can not transparently accomplish this, authoritarianism becomes the overriding principle under which we live.

Freedom in America has crossed its tipping point!

There are so many ways and so many examples for proving this. But perhaps the greatest proof of all comes from a vitally important entity not even attempting to prove the above supposition, the media itself. In fact, the media hides from and placates this truth!

It’s important to establish everything today is rooted under what I call America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP).

It is not the Russian oligarchs but rather it is the American oligarchs who dictate what they want using tools of war, proxy war, clandestine regime change in sovereign lands, the make-up of our government — including the courts and diplomatic ranks — and especially who controls the media. In capitalism, these tools become vital agents for oligarch profiteering (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy).

The lesson learned from Watergate was not one learned by the people who discovered a blatant corruption in the Nixon Administration. Instead, the lesson was learned by those controlling the government, that it’s better to keep one’s corruption close to the vest as a gambler would do. America’s spy agencies are so good they know who among us are holding what cards. However, the American oligarch never has to show their cards! They are protected and it is a given they will always hold the very best of cards.

Media Sets the Orwellian Table

Whenever anything got deeply heavy and complicated, like when Nixon was pardoned? The way out of the predicament, the inside card-holder catch phrase, always became: “For the good of the government.”

The media dutifully, and CIA-Pentagon infiltrated, always tagged along. Don’t forget to check Hollywood credits, at the end of a movie, to see how many films or shows provide thanks to the CIA or Pentagon. Indeed, the media tags along much worse today. Today, once reputable sources of publication are rampant with lies, distortions, omissions or perversions of truth. Anyone pointing this out or challenging this fact, gets labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

The media is so adept at covering its tracks it has pedestalled Donald Trump — the most renown liar ever in our nation’s history — as America’s chief spokesperson for alleging “fake media.” So long as it is only Trump, a television actor, who is crying foul no need to worry as few will pay any attention to the claim.

Main media has dismissed all of the once notable and esteemed ombudsmen, traditionally the critic of a major news organ. Investigative budgets have been slashed with reporters replaced with CIA or Pentagon plants. Today, five conglomerate corporations control 90% of all media. Let’s highlight what former CIA director William Casey once said:

“We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

Meanwhile, progressive voices of unTrump-like true criticism — Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Aaron Maté, or even lil’ ole’ me — get muffled and the images we seek to convey to the American people are intentionally shielded or blinded. The dumbingness of America prevails, we have passed the tipping point of freedom — we have lost freedom of knowledge even!

Who Is William Binney?

Binney is whom I meant to write about when I began writing this article. My plan was to accentuate the former National Security Agency wizard William Binney, a top NSA whistleblower, and ask why main media ignores him. Binney is affiliated with an organization called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). If you do your research you’ll discover VIPS was top notch for being right on the mark with respect to challenging manufactured assertions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, mobile chemical labs, imported yellow cake from Niger, had an Al Qaeda presence in the country and amassed its troops at the Saudi border. VIPS knew none of this was true, reported accordingly. But they were ignored.

Next comes the rather obvious question regarding Russiagate and what Wikileaks exposed during the 2016 election. None of the investigating agencies like the FBI, the investigating committees of Congress or the office of special prosecutor William Mueller ever sought key and crucial testimony from Julian Assange of Wikileaks, former UK ambassador Craig Murray who claimed he flew to Washington DC to retrieve documents for Wikileaks or Kim Dotcom who claims he advised Seth Rich on leaking. Any reasonable thinker would have to ask: Why were they not interviewed? Main media ignores this!

Main media also ignores Bill Binney of VIPS. Binney created the NSA spying tools and he knows those NSA spying tools can show exactly what happened with respect to the media-driven DNC so-called hack. But Binny is shunned from main media appearances.

His credible analysis has mostly been assigned to fringe Youtube channels and other fringe publicans outside of the mainstream. He has worked with other intelligence professionals and tech professionals like Skip Folden — IBM’s national project manager for 25 years — to prove what Wikileaks released was sourced from an inside download onto a thumb drive, not from a hack. Why is this ignored?

Anyway, below is a very rare example where Binney is shown communicating in a mainstream forum, with professionals associated with the Allard Prize, an award given — in association with the British Colombia School of Law — for exposing corruption. The below link is a Youtube link (okay to click “show embed”) portraying the Open Forum where Binney is highlighted. The whole interview is fascinating, but it gets really-really interesting when you scroll to the 48:00 mark and listen until the end.


The pedigreed politicians of America and the AOEP-owned media, together, form an Oligarch Protection Unit. Keep in mind the information offered to you no longer comes from a free press. What you get today is a product of controlled information, what progressives describe as manufactured consent. Also consider unless you scratch the right lottery ticket, you’ll never get to see the good cards — the deck remains stacked and oligarch-friendly!

Vote for Bernie Sanders in 2020 and let’s finally put an end to this misery. The health of citizens who live under America’s hegemonic bombing and the freedom of too many Americans now living in privatized prisons, and their families, require this!

Vote for freedom and break up big media and forget not that the best way to enslave people is to make them think they are free. Are you?

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