The Question Remains: How Could America Elect Donald Trump?

[NOTE: The below article I wrote as a Facebook Note on April 2, 2017.]

Trump was a made man! He was made both by the Clinton Campaign and by the main media!

If you think the Russians got Trump elected, much like children who attend Kindergarten you might as well check into Foolsgarten and cancel any hope of making it into a wiser class.

Here’s why.

The moment Trump started sending out feelers he was gonna run for president, was it then well known to main media that Trump hung out with and did business with mobsters and Russian oligarchs? Of course this was known! Why wasn’t it thoroughly investigated then like it is now? Why were not the results from such investigation reported more deeply and timed with his announcement, then followed by continued and intensive media scrutiny?

Early on during his campaign where were the comparisons of Trump’s penchant for gold as being similar to that of Saddam Hussein? Where were the comparisons that Trump held dictatorial proclivities? Where were the comparisons that he acted and behaved like a mobster? Instead, the only sustained negative we got about him was his position on President Obama’s birth certificate. It seemed like the birther position was the only negative the media would actually pin on him.

When Trump perpetuated and highlighted a fraudulent veterans organization with his speech on the USS Iowa, somebody in the main media must have done the digging into the quality of the sponsoring organization (or, rather, the lack of a quality to that organization). This fraud was barely reported! MSNBC did a story, but that was about it. This should have been huge news story with a lot of follow-up, but it was let go — it faded!

Another story where the main media let the fish get away, which should have received more scrutiny than it got — more deeply than follow-up comedy and alternative media reporting — was the released video of Trump pretending he was someone else (a fictitious John Miller) to a Wall Street Journal reporter. He impersonated as his own publicist in order to try and make himself look good. Yes, this got some coverage in the main media but it too disappeared as a major story. Think: Who’d want a president like this?

According to The Street, on November 20, 2016, it reported that Trump rode 5 billion dollars in free advertising into the White House. Where Trump should have received intensely negative media scrutiny it became passe at best, mostly ignored. Meanwhile, the media built him up in order to distinguish him from the huge pack of declared Republican candidates.

The media was actually trying make Clinton president and having Trump as her opponent was perceived helpful to her ambition. I also think Clinton’s political operatives had within their opposition research arsenal the video of Trump’s vulgar vagina comment early on in the campaign. Why wouldn’t they?

The object? Minimize and cast aside his faults and make Trump the GOP nominee. Then release the vile video a few days before the voting date and Hillary would then become the 45th president.

Finally, think back to all of the main media attention Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz got early in the campaign. Did you ever stop to think why a brain surgeon who repeatedly misspoke got so much positive attention? And, frankly, how could Cruz appeal to anyone? But the political spoon feeding continued.

Below is the attachment accompanying the email:

The main media waited way-way too long before it finally and responsibly began to go negative on Trump’s candidacy for president. But, by then, it was too late. In the contest between the two candidates, Clinton — a Beltway insider who made multi-millions of dollars from her career in public service — lost to Trump, the billionaire who contrasted himself as an “outsider!” And woe to the fair man, Bernie Sanders!

Yes, Trump is a Clinton-Media made man!



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Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!