The Politics Most Folks Don’t Like to Think About — Some Musings

Usually, I’m pretty good and right on the mark with political predictions. However, I must admit I was off on a couple of ’em over the past two presidential election cycles. In each instance my error had to do with the predictably and knowingly-cruel Donald Trump.

I believed the GOPwinger political machine, midway throughout its primary election, would have figured how to dispatch Trump from getting the nomination, even though front runner Jeb Bush had proven inept and other primary candidates had dropped along the wayside. I figured, somehow, they would have manipulated the nomination to Ohio governor John Kasich, over Trump and second-place finisher Ted Cruz.

I think what prevented my pre-Wikileaks release prediction was the intensity of free media Trump got once he was designated Hillary Clinton’s “pied piper,” the kind of candidate she could easily defeat (see Wikileaks) by moving Republicans further to the right.

I did, however, make a very early prediction that the monopolized media was pushing for a Trump v. Clinton match-up. My error was thinking the GOPwingers would have overridden the media’s want when it came to their own nominating process, unlike the Democrats who outright rigged their primary nomination.

I figured during the early years of Trump’s administration he would have set the table for a full blown war and likely would become a war president come the time of the 2020 election. He came very close with North Korea, Syria, Iran and Venezuela, but ultimately he backed off. Instead, Trump pursued an alternative kind of war, one predicated on US sanctioning power.

Meanwhile, Trump’s right wing followers got very well-dosed on red meat with continuous war posturing and big dollar defense build-ups. This got mixed with his obsession for the US-Mexico border wall, and an increase of ICE soldiers militarizing around the country in a most authoritarian well media-publicized manner. Add in some ole’-time religion and Trump’s political base has been very well appeased.

Regarding his war posturing, does anyone else find it troubling only a rare Democrat would stand to oppose Trump’s war rhetoric and spending? Check out the votes on Trump’s three 700 billion dollar-plus defense budgets! Can you tell who is the Republican and who is the Democrat by those votes? Sure seems like joint party warmongering to me!

Yes, congressional votes on Yemen were different and seemingly positive. But this was only due to the whole world becoming thoroughly disgusted with what the Saudis — with US weaponry and African mercenaries — were inhumanely doing to Yemen.

If you look closely at the regional map where Yemen is located, you’ll note Yemen’s positioning has much to do US corporate oil strategy. Yemen is the only nation not under US geopolitical control in those gulf-watered regions. As known from the beginning, the Yemen congressional vote would fall prey to Trump’s veto. No worries here, keep on keeping on and protect the petro-dollar markets!

Anyway, my error was I figured Trump, during his first term, would become a war president because historically no US president has ever not been re-elected during a time of full-blown war.

So why didn’t Trump become a war president?

Like in a game of chess, the prospect of the DNC screwing over Bernie Sanders a second time has perhaps changed a Trump full-blown war strategy into a surprising non-war strategy.

With Bernie unfairly eliminated from the race, the Republican strategy inherently becomes getting as many progressive and Independent voters as possible not vote for the Democratic nominee. Trump at war with low approval ratings could possibly grow the voting pool. The absence of a war might actually help to reduce the 2020 pool. Forget not GOPwingers usually win on low voter turnout!

We must look at what’s underneath underneath!

I believe Bolton’s firing is a first-step GOPwinger-Trump strategy to reduce the 2020 presidential election voting pool. You better bet GOP political operatives are banking the DNC will screw over Sanders a second time. The GOP will exploit Bernie getting screwed and, using social media and other measures, attempt to influence voters into becoming so alienated they won’t participate in 2020. This is precisely what happened in 2016 what with Trump’s surprising and unexpected anti-war posturing. This made it easier to not vote for Clinton who was on record as pro-war and a no-fly-zone advocate in Syria.

America not at war, or without a threat of serious war, will indeed help to produce a low-voter turnout. Traditionally, GOPwingers win when voter turnout is low and when there is nothing to excite Independent voters who comprise over 40% of the electorate. The GOPwinger talking point messaging will become: Trump’s strong defense budget kept America out of war — re-elect him.

But do not rest easy. Assuredly, if Trump gets re-elected, America will definitely be at war as there will be nothing to stop him and war is profitable.

The best bet is to get Sanders nominated over Warren and Biden, ruin the GOPwinger strategy and finally put an end to the politics of oligarchy in America and help the rest of the world realize it can live peacefully without the boot of American imperialism.

If Bernie is not the Democratic nominee, expect a money-manipulated consequence and very likely a second Trump presidency.

Forget not that the Trump forces also hold a powerful counterattack against Democrats for pushing Russiagate and convincing deep state intelligence operatives to pursue a quiet coup in government. More than likely, those who’ve been overly inundated with Russiagate will fatally fail to acknowledge this possibility, much like they’ve been blinded overall by Russiagate.

Neither Biden or Warren — both political system players and party loyalists — can defend against those attacks. Bernie Sanders and and he will rise above the process because he’s been totally clean having stuck solely to his advocacy for sound governance in defiance of the money of oligarchy, its corruption and manipulation.

Finally, not many Democrats realize they’ve unwittingly helped Trump to survive the first term of his presidency by contributing towards keeping Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange silent. Bush-Cheney and Obama-Biden very much worried what the extensively world-connected Assange would publish during their administrations. Trump-Pence has never feared anything from Assange because he got silenced right after Trump assumed the presidency. A free Assange most assuredly would have attacked Trump-Pence! Again, it makes sense to look at what’s underneath underneath!

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