The Left Is Not Center-Left!

[NOTE: The following, in italics, is from a Facebook post I made on March 22, 2017 at 9:53 am — it just came through my Facebook Memories.]

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Google the following:

>>>Five congressional staffers in criminal probe over unauthorized computer access<<<

Seems like a pretty important issue. Why has mainstream media ignored it? Only Politico has reported on the probe but that reporting was brief and reported back only when the incident originally happened. No follow-up. All other reporting on this subject has predominately come from FoxNews and rightwing sites.

When will Americans realize that Trump wins when mainstream media fails to report?

A similar parallel exists regarding former UK ambassador Craig Murray who is associated with Julian Assange from Wikileaks. Murray has claimed in several international media venues that he flew to Washington DC to retrieve leaked documents for Wikileaks, and he has claimed that the Wikileaks DNC/Podesta leaks were not Russian hacks.

Again, if you google “Craig Murray — DNC leaks” you will find only right wing reporting on the subject. Why?

One more time: When will Americans realize that Trump wins when mainstream media fails to report?

I think it’s time for every American to realize mainstream media in America (five corporations control 90% of all of US media) controls the news rather than covers the news!

Main media has specifically defined Trump as the champion advocate of “fake news” accusations.

In my humble opinion, this is a deflection on main media’s part to make people think it is only Trump and his followers who are claiming main media reports fake news. Trump, et. al., indeed make the claim, but they are not the valued critics on the subject. Any reasonable political thinker would realize main media reporting on Russiagate is riddled with lies, distortions, omissions and perversions of fact news reports.

Progressive thinkers (I include myself — there is absolutely nothing right-wing about me), who do not advocate or parrot the Russiagate narrative, know for a fact main media has reported numerous fake news accounts on the subject. In fact, it is we who are the reasonable critics on the fake news subject, not Trump.

Sadly, America’s establishment politicians and media always keep true progressive viewpoints in the wilderness. How they continually minimize Bernie Sanders is a perfect example. Ironically, media even makes the false claim that barely center-left Democrats are progressives. They’re not!

True progressives demand truth!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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