“The Last Dead Ukrainian”

— Some thought this phrase absurd when first uttered!

Michael Weddle
8 min readJun 18, 2022

Western public relations have expertly conditioned many of you not to see or agree with what I’ve described below. But at least by reading this you will have the option to know my humble opinion.

If Ukraine does not now negotiate peace, it won’t exist as a nation.

Continuing war will mean Ukraine will become landlocked with no Black Sea access and it will mean the great cities of Kiev and Kharkov will definitely become conquered. Moreover, continued aggression on Poland’s part will likely mean it won’t receive any of Ukraine’s Galician province, which it has long desired. Word has been out about Poland having a secret deal with the Ukrainian president.

This is because Russia, as a direct response to NATO nations dragging out the war by continually supplying weapons, could ultimately decide militarily to take over all of Ukraine. Theoretically, Russia would believe this would help to eliminate future antagonism and threats to Russia’s borders.

At the beginning, Russia clearly stipulated its objectives and none of them included a whole military capture of all of Ukraine. Meeting those objectives is precisely why Russia used only a limited presence for its initial military campaign.

What’s poignantly ironic is, at the beginning, Ukraine’s president Zelensky could have pledged neutrality from NATO and he could have utilized Russia’s army to help drive the growing Nazi and fascist influences out of Ukraine’s government. But, sadly, the same Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who handpicked Zelensky to become Ukraine’s president, was also the same oligarch who created and funded the Nazi Azov military regiment. This oligarch also worked closely with US-UK intel influences.

In effect, President Zelensky had a two-headed devil on each of his shoulders: On one was a devil in the form of Kolomoyskyi and Azov; on the other was a devil in the form of the US state department/CIA and Eric Prince mercenaries. In reality, Zelensky did need the Russian army to shake himself free of the devil!

History will show Zelensky should have chosen the Russian angel in the form of accepting and fully implementing the UN-endorsed Minsk Accords (Minsk I and Minsk II) that were negotiated by Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany. What would have made those accords successful is the US, always part of the problem, was not involved with the Minsk solution. Being the odd man out could also possibly explain why the US cozied with Azov Nazis.

Why did the US, of all things, need Nazis? Well, perhaps a document from the US defense thinktank Rand Corporation provides us a strong hint:

For an interpretation of The Rand Study, see the Regime Change in Moscow portion of Consortium News editor Joe Lauria analysis:


Facts of Reality

What’s really tragic is nobody needed to die or become injured or displaced from their homes. It should not have become necessary for Russia to engage with its Special Military Operation, essentially what the US typically describes as a military “incursion.”

What made Putin make his military decision?

After the 2014 US-engineered coup, the Russian-speaking Luhansk and Donetsk provinces immediately declared sovereignty. Instead of rapidly recognizing their independence, Russia alternatively pursued efforts to keep Ukraine a whole nation. Thus, the Minsk Accords were created. The Minsk agreement was indeed the path for a peaceful resolution.

But after eight years of Ukraine failing to implement the accords, with Ukrainian Nazism on the rise and Ukraine specifically building up and strengthening its military, the Russian parliament finally voted to urge Putin to formally recognize sovereignty for Luhansk and Donetsk and for Russia to provide immediate assistance.

Putin put out his last calls for peace.

But the western powers instead already had Ukraine set on a war footing, its oligarch-friendly public relations tools oiled, geared and at-ready.

Example of Pro-Ukrainian Public Relations

The US, its UK poodle and the EU collectively were champing at the bit wanting to impose the heaviest of all possible sanctions on Russia, to decimate its ruble currency and bring Russia economically to its knees. On one level this was part of the Weakening Russia Plan (see Rand Corp Russian studies).

On another level, NATO was ready for a military war against Russia. But this would become a proxy war, one fought by only Ukraine down to “The Last Dead Ukrainian.” Zelensky had been primed and conditioned to pull all the levers the US-led NATO would need for help to weaken Russia.

Although Zelensky was silently subjugated by the devil, a top notch world public relations push would make the former television actor into an instant superhero, a Spiderman-Of-A-Different-Kind, one in a tight brown-fitting t-shirt suit. Zelensky would get nominated for prizes and he’d make Times Magazine’s top listings. He’d meet Bono, other celebrities and appear at the Grammys and Caines Film Festival. He’s now addressing The Glastonbury Festival. He even got to address the US Congress!

Zelensky became the 2022 pride and joy — the toast of elite cocktail parties far and wide, very much like Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange was once so-revered back when he directly took on Bush-Cheney. This was before Wikileaks had the audacity to challenge corrupt Clinton-styled Democrats for fixing the DNC Primary and before the CIA’s Vault-7 project became exposed.

But it was Trump, likely trying to appear less-Russian, who indicted Assange. Consequently, a world-leading pacifist and journalist is now at risk with his freedom taken and his career in journalism potentially destroyed.

Indeed, banking executives are today poised to bestow Zelensky with speaking fees reserved for US presidents and oligarch favorites. Somehow he managed to own multi-million dollar properties at some of the world’s choice locations. Should he survive this war, the US-manufactured Zelensky has potential to become a worldwide Dedicated Follower of Fashion!

US GOPwinger neocon failed Middle Eastern strategists are now all backing warmongering Democrat Joe Biden. It got to a point where Biden once entertained visions of a Russian populace against Putin, this resulting from a failing Ukraine war and he shared visions of Russia’s economy torn to shreds by the force of powerful US-led western sanctions. Astoundingly, the public relations machine had Biden — many of you even — thinking the US and Ukraine were winning.

Quite the opposite became true. Putin now holds a favorable rating over 80%, this compared to only 39% for Biden. Left out of consideration is any credit Putin should have gotten for making Russia rank worldwide as the 9th-least indebted nation. The Russian people are currently living in a sound economy and overwhelmingly they support the Russian effort with Ukraine. In point of fact, at present, militarily, Russia is resoundingly defeating the Ukrainian army.

Sadly, the peace Putin that called for at the beginning was never achieved.

This is because Ukraine, long the poorest nation in all of Europe, took the following militaristic measures to enable Ukraine to become the 2nd-largest military in Europe, this while solidly backed by the US, EU and NATO:

  • Substantially built up and NATO-trained its military forces. [NOTE: Ukraine desperately needed economic, not military, assistance!]
  • Provided increased administrative government roles and recognition to the Stephan Bandera fascist nationalists. [NOTE: Bandera advocates literally swamped the voices and input of the substantially-sized Ukrainian Russian-speaking population.]
  • Incorporated and expanded the 2014-coup friendly Nazi Azov Battalion into Ukraine’s National Guard as a fully-equipped regiment and then assigned it important training roles for the entirety of Ukraine’s military. [NOTE: Eric Prince mercenaries and Ukrainian Azov Nazis made for a most unfriendly but welcome Ukrainian combination!]
  • Continued depriving Crimea from accessing its primary source of fresh water. This was due to a dam Ukraine constructed that blocked the flow of water. [NOTE: Russia quickly captured the southern Kherson region in order to take down the dam and expediently resupply Crimea with fresh water.]
  • Developed dozens of biolabs that were spread all throughout Ukraine. It’s been theorized some were military in nature. During the early phase of the war, Russia captured many of these labs and supporting documentation. [NOTE: This startling discovery is now being presented within the United Nations.]
  • In what might have become the final straw for Putin, in terms of western powers egging him on to invade Ukraine, Zelensky began publicly threatening to reconstitute Ukraine’s once powerful Soviet-era nuclear program. He kept boasting how Ukraine still possessed the materials, the know-how and technology for Ukraine to become a nuclear power. [NOTE: This could explain why Russia, during phase one of its military campaign, took over several nuclear power plants, and it also could explain why Russia soon after Zelensky made these kinds of comments that Russia swiftly moved its military into Ukraine.

Ukraine Has Lost The War

NATO wants a prolonged war but the Ukrainian people and the Russian people need a shortened war. It is best that Ukraine now sit squarely at the table for peace and negotiate while it continues to maintain possession of the Odessa coastline and significant cities of Kiev and Kharkov.

Once the final eastern-flanked Ukrainian soldiers, once 80,000 strong, are scattered to wander throughout Ukrainian forests — and this is happening now — and Luhansk and Donetsk have completely won their independence, Russia could then set its sights on capturing the aforementioned prized locations. Without them Ukraine is totally lost as a nation.

Be well advised that now is the time for peace!

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Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!