The Good, The Bad and The Ugly— High Noon Epstein Face-Off.

Locked and loaded, each takes aim at the other!

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How’d We Get To Where We Are Now

Let’s assume Russiagate was false, that Russiagate served as a vehicle to provide cover for not only Hillary Clinton’s legal worries but also cover for her campaign rigging the 2016 Democratic Primary. Perhaps the best proof for this exists in the fact Democrats never challenged how the Republicans cheated in the General Election with the Crosscheck Voter Elimination computerized system where millions of names were scrubbed from the voting rolls in GOP-controlled states nationwide. This is how Trump won … it wasn’t the Russians!

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Showdown at The OK Coral (which was really the Fly Photography Studio — the media didn’t even report that one right — lol!)

Indeed, we might as well be in Tombstone, Arizona. The Clintons are gunning for the Trumps, the Trumps are gunning for the Clintons and it appears law enforcement — with or without The Mueller Report — came down on the side of the Clintons even though it pretended it was also gunning for the Clintons.

Trump’s Man May Have a Double-Barrel Shotgun, But The Feds Got A Cannon: The Epstein Indictment!

Trump, as much as he attempts to portray himself as strong, is actually very weak. In fact, he is weakened by past and present associations with Russian oligarchs, some of whom Putin actually booted out of Russia. Trump’s whole history is plagued with shady business deals, bankrupted businesses, refusals to pay off just debts, substantial mob ties and he’s likely the most scandal-clad individual today walking in the pubic eye. He won’t even release his tax returns to the American public after numerous claims he would.

The Mother of All Good, Bad & Ugly Challenges — Will We See Democracy Again?

Is it ironic, just ahead of the purported release of the Inspector General’s Report, the Epstein sex trafficking indictments have grabbed full command of all media? The Epstein indictments serve as a powerful potential to swiftly and unmercifully bring down both Clinton and Trump camps due to their inherently close and stained relationships with Epstein, not to mention others involved.

Three Conclusions:

  1. Praise to the victims who’ve shown the courage to come forward. And praise to all future victims who come forward. Bless them!
  2. Free Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange. All he is guilty of is bringing transparency to media. Ironically, were he free to operate normally over the past three years Assange very likely would have uncovered a lot more about Trump than Mueller managed to accomplish. Truly, Democratic leadership shot itself in the foot by condemning Julian Assange!
  3. Please vote for the man who should have and who deserved to win the 2016 election. Bernie has worked his entire lifetime for goodness in our society. He is leagues beyond any of the standard and typical politicians. He has the heart of the people of our nation in his heart. Do not let him become victimized by the kind of tactical politics that created the whole mess described above. Let’s make a better world and bring forward a future our children can believe in.
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Shoot-out At The OK-Coral

>>>“ The Cowboys then went off to plot revenge behind the O.K. Corral. Next, in a narrow, empty lot beside Fly’s Photography Gallery above the Corral, the Earps with Holliday came upon the Cowboys.

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