The Difference Between John Oliver and Jimmy Dore Is More Than a Quality of Comedy — It Is Conscience!

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[NOTE: This was originally published as a Facebook Note on June 10, 2018, before the US staged its attempted 2019 economic and military coup against the Nicholas Maduro socialist government of Venezuela.]

John Oliver’s You Tube clip about Venezuela is telling and profound. It’s profound because the viewer gets a sense of truth about dog-eat-dog politics. It’s telling because the truth shows Oliver smacking of propaganda!

Most folks think of comedian Oliver as a “liberal” Democrat supportive of the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and current DNC chair Tom Perez. Oliver would normally be considered a loyal foot soldier for Democrats, one who uses his mastery of humor in order to take down Trumpeteers.

Those who watch, follow and adore Oliver are likely solid Democrats, many who consider their own viewpoint as progressive. To them, watching John Oliver is like breathing new morning air late night.

But let’s now get on point. We’re talking about oil, gold and precious mineral resources. We’re also talking about the banking! But, fundamentally, we’re talking about real Venezuela’s maturing socialism vs. America’s unfettered brand of capitalism of which John Oliver’s yearly salary, bonuses and special perks are a factor.

My purpose in writing here is not to get into the specifics of Venezuela. Rather my purpose is to show you how a presumably well-perceived Democrat can actually be a bad one. even Republican-like. Let’s view John Oliver as a case in point!

[NOTE: It’s a You Tube link and okay to click “show embed.”]

What’s truly sad is since the Clintons took over the Democratic Party, except for god, gun and gay issues, Democrats have become like Republicans. Crucial and important George Mcgovern principles of strong labor on the domestic front and a foreign policy predicated on peace and fair trade were totally abandoned. Clinton politics, which fed into Obama politics, had no hesitation when it came to abandoning the American Dream in favor of furthering oligarchy. Clinton and Obama might as well have been Reagan and Bushes.

The late Gore Vidal once described the condition as America having two political parties with one right wing. I’ve since come to describe it as America’s Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU).

If the Oligarch’s choice-cut pick — a billionaire or a multi-millionaire — of the 2016 presidential election didn’t awaken you, perhaps reviewing the debunking critique of John Oliver’s gross attempt at political indoctrination might help you realize that Gore Vidal’s statement is right on the mark.

Venezuela — like Iraq, Libya and Syria — abandoned the US petro dollar. This is significant because Venezuela holds the largest oil reserves in the world and has nationalized its oil industry thus depriving Dick Cheney types on world markets.

Perhaps the only thing that has spared Venezuela from a full scale US invasion has been the US being bogged down with its killing in the Middle East via use of several proxy army and rebel units also supported by Saudi Arabia, Gulf Emirate nations and Israel.

But the US, via Eric Prince-like mercenary soldiers and drug war commando specialists within Panama, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil and elsewhere, also has proxy soldiers at-ready near Venezuela. The day may well come, especially if Trump determines he needs become a “war president” for his re-election — an act the US oligarchy certainly will support. As you can tell from the Oliver video Democrats already are onboard for action in Venezuela.

It’s time to realize Gore Vidal is correct. Consider also how a once widely-respected progressive writer like David Corn — with a considerably larger salary these days — now describes the Russian or Syrian governments as a “regimes.” Corn never used to write like this! Also, what happened to once proud progressives like Howard Dean, Rachel Maddow, Barney Frank and others? What the hell happened to John Oliver?

Conclusion? The Democrats ain’t what they’re supposed to be! Clinton political operatives continue controlling the DNC and all large state Democratic committees … and they are beholden to political money. This is why Venezuela — as proven by John Oliver — much like Honduras with its military coup, ultimately will get a raw deal!

Listen to Jimmy Dore on You Tube (click Show Embed):

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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