The Blinds-Eye of The US Citizen & Syria

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It took a long time for most of America to get its eye on the ball with respect to Yemen. Syria’s been ongoing much longer than Yemen and still many Americans, due to the manner of US reporting, are unfamiliar with what’s going on in Syria and the role of the US in helping to build the war.

Presently, the US has several military bases in the SDF-Kurdish controlled area of Syria, northeast of the Euphrates River; and also a large scale multi-purpose military facility located in at-Tanf which effectively blocks usage of the Damascus-to-Baghdad Highway. The Rukban refugee camp is located within this environment.

>>>Tarasov also said the camp’s administrators are unable to provide security for the refugees.

“On Rukban’s territory, theft, prostitution and forced marriages are frequent. Sexual exploitation of minors and gender inequality are widely practiced. Marriages, births and deaths are not registered. Many temporarily displaced people in the camp do not have documents at their disposal,” he said.

“The full responsibility for creating chaos in Rukban lays upon the USA which occupied this region illegally and used humanitarian problems in the refugee camp to legitimize their military presence in the south of Syria,” the MoD official said. <<<

The US needs to get out of Syria now! The US needs to stop supporting war as a means of corporate policy!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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