Thanks to all who responded and offered some very good insight. Indeed, not a lot will change without a willingness for making change. But, right now, the two political parties are dug into their respective trenches and neither wants to budge without gaining an advantage over the other.

It’s basically come down to one party’s oligarchs vs. the other party’s oligarchs with the respective political candidates always knocking only on doors of oligarchy. Result? Nothing changes and the people get screwed, especially given the way the media has become monopolized. Essentially, the current system simply maintains pedigree.

Right now, it’s hard to change the influence of money and how it pollutes. Thus, I think a strategy that impacts the labeling or branding of a politician — how the politician actually views themself — might offer greater possibilities for change and help eliminate the tendency for same-oldism.

A politician seeking a third term and thinking of themself as an Independent — rather than as a safe Democrat or a safe Republican — might actually think deeper in terms of how they legislate and certainly how they’d campaign to the people and the promises that they’d make. In other words, issues would gain prominence over party repetition. A politician would actually have to work for the people in order to maintain their pedigree, thus they’d become more responsive to voters.

After all, they must as a greater challenge against them could also arise from original party they were elected from. Think of it as a double primary for the incumbent after they’ve served two terms. Force the incumbent to meet the test. Otherwise, we’ll just keep getting the same politician holding the same seat election after election after election and so on — this stifles new ideas!

What I’m proposing is a completely new idea. Obviously, the proposal would need some tweaking. For instance, one of the areas that would need exploration is how an incumbent shedding political party status would effect the gerrymandering of congressional districts — could it help eliminate this?

Anyway, I only sought to plant a seed. By the way, I’m also completely in support of rank voting.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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