Sudden Kurd Awareness Among Those Who Know So Little

— Mainstream media has woefully reported on Syria!

[Note: I don’t portend to know everything about Syria. But I do hold a perspective that is free of America’s media influence, a perspective not predicated on US news propaganda reports. It should also be pointed out what’s taking place in Syria is way bigger than the image of Donald Trump. Clearly, with or without Trump, the US has lost its influence within the Cross-Crescent Shiite region of the Middle East.]

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Hardened and battle-trained ISIS militants likely will become perfect recruits for private mercenary armies, forces of which already have been fighting in Syria in place of US boots.

[NOTE: See UPDATES at bottom of the page]

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Turkey is moving into northeastern Syria, ostensibly to create a buffer zone to decrease militant Kurdish influence along its border. Given the long-historical conflicts between Turkey and multi-regional Kurds, this is not surprising and some would consider it a logical move.

The action enables Turkey to withdraw from Syria’s Idlib province by claiming a position of strength, rather than weakness. Syria is going to retake this province anyway. The Idlib Turkish-friendly forces will then become re-positioned into the border buffer protectorate zone.

The new buffer also becomes a solution for what to do with remaining Al Qaeda/ISIS militants who are mostly located within Idlib but still hastily scattered throughout Syria’s Deir Ezzor region. These militants likely will become absorbed into the Turkish militias and I surmise many will join Eric Prince-like private mercenary forces to become scattered through The Stan Region and throughout northern Africa.

Resulting from the Turkish border action, the Kurds will then become squeezed more closely into Syria’s oil-rich areas, such as the Omar Oil Fields, etc. The US will then attempt to use this reality as a negotiating tool with the Assad government. The problem with this strategy is it is mostly Arab-speaking Syrians who control the areas where the oil fields are located. They won’t be too in tune with the Kurds controlling the oil fields.

In exchange for Syria protecting the Kurds from the Turks (with Russia, which has influence over both Syria and Turkey), the US will be off the hook. Already, Syrian and Russian forces are crossing the Euphrates River in preparation to help protect the Kurds and to regain important territory now controlled by the SDF-Kurds.

The US likely will then attempt to extract some kind of oil deal involving Syria’s oil resources in exchange for vacating its military base at at-Tanaf, located at the middle of the Syrian-Iraqi border, which blocks the Damascus-to-Baghdad international highway.

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I suspect the ultimate US goal is to buy time — ideally a permanence — for Israel to milk oil and water resources located in Syria’s Golan Heights. Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild and other heavyweight moguls have a huge financial oil stake in The Golan region.

The US also could possibly make a deal with Turkey to reduce some of the competing pressures with Greece for drilling for gas off the coast of Cyprus.

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10/17/19 UPDATE:

Announcement of a Troop Re-positioning Ceasefire

10/17/19 UPDATE:

Here is the better view — free of US propaganda and political pandemonium — to what actually is happening in Syria regarding Turkey’s border zone incursion. Keep in mind what Turkey is now doing in Syria is little different than what the US has done in Syria. Both nations illegally occupy sovereign Syrian land without permission of the Syrian government.

10/14/19 UPDATE:

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