Stormy Kitty-Kat — One of Earth’s True Charms — R.I.P.

— No creature on earth — except for my mom — loved me as much as Stormy!

[This was originally written as a Facebook Note on March 8, 2016. Unfortunately, FB not only discontinued but butchered its Facebook Notes feature. So I thought it appropriate to transfer the story of Stormy onto a quality site.]

It is with my very great sadness to tell all of my friends who know me and my kittycat family The Very Great Little Kitty-Cat, Mr. Stormy, has passed away. After 16 incredible years of an incredible life he joins his family of four in Kitty-Cat Heaven: The Very Great Kitty-Cat, Mr. Shortstop; The Very Grand Kitty-Cat, Mr. Collie; and his two same-liter brothers, The Wonderful Mr. Boots and The Amazing Shadow.

Given I saw him come into existence, the wheel of karma and hands of time saw him pass away peacefully in my arms. No question about it, the people and experiences he met throughout his life tell a phenomenal story.

In tribute, I created the below slideshow-music video in his honor. The song I wrote is called Kubla Khan. Originally it was a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I took his words and added my own to evolve his poem into my song. It’s about a paradise of earthly pleasure, a realm rarely experienced but always imagined. Only a few have become gifted by its presence.

Now resting with his kitty-kat family, Stormy is buried under the trees that overlook my top floor deck. I like to think together they are comforted in the incredible Edge City world of Kubla Khan. Since his passing, our thoughts have often touched.

Stormy joined one of the musicians who performed on the song, recorded in my Bay Street home in Hull, Massachusetts. We had begun a band called The Rolling Beatles whose members were the late Stephen “Gideon” Eisner on guitar and vocals; J Bruce Scott on lap steel guitar (w/whammy bar) and myself on guitar and vocals. A guest musician, Steve McNally, popped in while we were recording. Steve found an African drum in our music room, and added some fitting percussion.

Due to Gideon’s passing The Rolling Beatles were a short-lived band. But we were very fortunate to have made this laptop recording. We felt deserved the Rolling Beatles name because, between us, we had nearly 200 original songs. I continue in musical spirit with my current band Climate Change, of which Bruce also is a member.

I hope you enjoy. Stormy used to love listening to me sing songs while playing my guitar. He was, aside from my mother, my greatest fan!

Kubla Khan, performed by The Rolling Beatles (followed by a YouTube playlist of several Rolling Beatle songs). Written by Michael Weddle & Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Recorded during The Super Bowl of 2009 by Bruce Scott.

Stormy could go an hour or more on my shoulders and when sleeping he’d often cuddle under my chin — his special spot. When on my shoulders, he especially liked when we’d walk onto the deck where we’d overlook the bay, this with birds, squirrels and bumblebees!

Stormy, a very good athlete, was a one-eyed cat!

For two full summers me and the kittycats lived in a camper like the one in the below photo. Not only did my cats get to drive around and see lots of different things, they’d always wake up in the morning to a different seaside view as I always stayed close to the ocean.

Indeed, Stormy was one of the lucky ones. But it was I who had the most luck! R.I.P. My Little Furry Friend!



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Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!