Silhouettes on A Wall, Simulated AI Beings or The Real Deal?

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Tic-Tok The Eye of The Clock?

Very interesting interview on RT’s Sophie Co Visionaries with Nick Bostrom, philosopher and director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. Among much else, Bostrom, who describes himself as a “frightened optimist,” presents three possibilities as humanity evolves to tackle artificial intelligence:

1) Civilizations are incapable of reaching technological maturity as they ultimately destroy themselves in the process.

2) Those that do achieve technological maturity evolve into a world of simulations whereby simulated reality juxtapositions with, over or against true reality. Simulated forms develop a form of consciousness, however ancestral connections become moot. With simulated reality travel even becomes possible. So would or could it be possible that we, as originators, somehow manage to reject this and live on accordingly, or we succumb into a world of simulations.

3) We already are living in a computerized simulation, a matrix of some kind, already built by some advanced civilization. Time spans are eliminated, at best trivial Since so much gets created so quickly,over and over, nothing really matters at all.

Now, did I understand any of this properly? Who knows! But this much I do know: Indigenous Peoples Movements are the most important political movements on our planet today, whether for developing consciousness within ourselves or the body politic which ultimately will reign.

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