Should We, Americans, Trust Our Voting Machines & Polling Locations?

— It’s hard to imagine, as media pundits so matter-of-factly proclaimed, that unwitting elderly black South Carolinian voters turned a Saturday night SC Biden large-margin upset victory into a nationwide Biden sweep by Super Tuesday night, this when polls in various states showed Biden five-to-10 points behind.

Michael Weddle
7 min readMar 6, 2020

5/22/2020 Update:

3/30/20 Update — The Intercept reporting on 2/24/20 shows Sanders trailing Biden by only five points among blacks for South Carolina’s February 29th primary, this after Bernie clobbered his opponents in Nevada on February 22nd, beating Biden 47% to 20%. In my humble opinion, elderly South Carolinian voters did not turn the tide. I firmly suspect something substantially nefarious at play.

3/21/20 Update — Among black donors, Sanders raised $10 million; Warren & Buttigieg six million; and 4th-place finisher Biden raised four million. Yet media proudly boosted it was elderly black South Carolinian voters who turned the tide, providing momentum for Biden, thus enabling him to win nearly all of the key states that voted after South Carolina. Corporate media insisted it was elderly black voters who put Biden over the top in those states! Do you remember hearing all of the media pundits parroting out this talking point over and over|? Conclusion? Biden got rigged machine votes!

Very Interesting 3/16/20 Update — Much like the Iowa coin flips and organization always work against Bernie, so also is this interesting tidbit where Bernie is even losing tomorrow’s Illinois vote. It’s notworthy that in 2016 Clinton beat Sanders 50.5% (1,017,006) to 48.7% (982,017). So the numbers in tomorrow’s ghost vote and the 2016 vote are similar. However, they’ve likely factored in a lower voter turnout due to the Covid-19 crisis and therefore are showing lower numbers.

Important Thoughts:

On Super Tuesday night I stayed up all night feeling something was terribly wrong with the results I was seeing, a feeling very similar to what I experienced after the very close New Hampshire election which should have been a substantial Sanders win.

After a short next morning nap I awoke to the same starting results, with pundits on all the networks giving so much credit to those elderly black voters in South Carolina, and how they created the New Biden Surge! It was like I awoke from a bad dream that seemed like Iowa was all over the nation!

How the hell did Joe Biden win the Massachusetts Primary?

The below February 24th Morning Consult poll of 2,631 Democratic Primary voters did not correspond with what happened in South Carolina and Super Tuesday:

Is it any wonder that America is rated a “flawed democracy?”

Given it was hard to deny the reality of California, it appeared like they threw Bernie a big fish with California, but they stacked the deck with the other states so Biden got a delegate allocation as large as what California would bring to Sanders. Note that California results still aren’t in yet, so Joe-Mentum is now riding a mighty large wave!

Below, are some noteworthy links. You be the judge!

Below, are two screen shots taken by Port Huron, Michigan resident Katy Beebe. The first, taken at 10:07, shows Sanders leading Biden 52.86% to 41.54%. The second, taken at 10:09, shows Biden leading Sanders 53.28% to 39.54%. Below the screenshots is a youtube interview with Beebe and another campaign worker.

2016 Exit polling for three California counties:

2020 Primaries:

Additional Considerations:



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