Severe Warning To Democrats: Red Alert!

I wrote the compendium of below articles before Russiagate became a factor in the 2016 election. They serve as my qualification for presenting this warning.

If Trump survives the impeachment proceedings and he begins sailing along with his re-election campaign, he’ll have wind in his sails plus a strong counter-attack capability right smack dab in the middle of his wheelhouse.

As I’ve often predicted over the past three years, the tables will inconveniently turn on Russiagate. Specifically, legal proceedings from the John Durham criminal investigation, with the full force and power of the DOJ behind it, will begin providing near-daily negative headlines against the Obama-Biden-Clinton Democrats relative to abusing investigatory procedure, rigging the 2016 Democratic Primary and dangerously invoking McCarthyist-like tactics in an overwhelming attempt to stir fear against Russia.

The DNC/Clinton Campaign charges of “Russian meddling” will become more how it was when gamblers fixed the 1919 World Series causing the Chicago White Sox to become the Chicago “Black Sox” when they rigged their best-of-nine series games against the Cincinnati Reds.

It is my belief Trump and his GOPwinger political operatives are planning a campaign strategy that assumes the DNC [gamblers] will screw over Bernie Sanders a second time. Thus, Trump will invoke a five-pronged strategy:

  1. Help sow seeds of discontent and stir intensive levels of frustration within the Democratic party (something easy to do given Clinton’s past shenanigans) — make it so just enough Democrats won’t vote for the party’s nominee. This will be easy if that nominee is associated with the Clinton side of the party.
  2. Russiagate issue counterattack opportunities will appear for Trump much like pitches thrown to a long ball hitter in a home run derby. They’ll become pitches that are numerous and easy for him to hit out of the park. Trump will be on the offense and anybody connected with Clinton (either Biden or Warren) will need be very good on defense. Only Bernie Sanders can mount a clean defense!
  3. Encourage Independent voters to stay home in the general election due to Democrats having expanded closed primary states — thus preventing them from supporting Sanders, the candidate most attractive to Independents. Trump will remind Independents their taxes paid for the primaries and they were prohibited from voting in them. If Independents become discouraged from voting this could help keep voter turnout low for the 2020 general election. Traditionally, Democrats only win the presidency when voter turnout is high. Keep in mind Democrats have not seen strong and continuous down ballot coat-tails since the first term of the Clinton-Gore Administration.
  4. Trump will continue to challenge the media, attempting to paint an image the entire news media is against him and, therefore, he must be doing something right. Even though Trump is a billionaire oligarch himself, presenting an anti-media image helps him to solidify the false position he is an outsider, and not everyone will view Trump as the impostor that he actually is so long as he appears anti-system. The true media critics are the likes of Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, writers for Consortium News and others — not Donald Trump!
  5. Keep America out of a full-blown war. America at war could become an excuse to vote against Republicans given that folks are sick of America starting wars. Also, there are very few anti-war Democrats in the party’s leadership so Democrats could easily become tagged as pro-war. Think. The only time Democrats ever supported Trump was when he twice lobbed missiles into Syria and when he threatened a coup on Venezuela.

Only Bernie Sanders can forthrightly stand against Trump. Why? Because Sanders is the moral, political and tactical opposite of Trump. He represents the clear antithesis of Trump. Sanders is also clean from Russiagate having, himself, been victimized by Clinton’s Karl Rovian Democrats.

Do not presume voters can’t smell. They smell Sanders as clean and wholesome; Trump and most of the others as dirty and manipulative! On the Democratic side only Sanders, Biden and Warren have polled in the top tier. Compared to Sanders, the worn and tired Biden is party to those being investigated by Durham; and Warren, who has absolutely no appeal to the Rust Belt, still can’t answer a straight question whether it has to do with her background, health care or issues of war and peace.

PS: If Trump does not run expect a Trey Gowdy vs. Mike Pence race among the GOPwingers. Gowdy, if he survives proper media vetting, likely would win the nomination. Again, neither Biden or Warren will match well against him. Bernie, who appealed to seven of 10 Independent voters in 2016, would defeat Gowdy! Note it is the strength of the Sanders appeal to Independent voters that enabled him to continually poll ahead of Trump by double digits in 2016!



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