Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

On the state government level, a son, daughter, uncle, cousin or friend of a politician can get a sweetheart contracting deal for urine-testing services, bacon-wrapped scallops catering or providing orange cones for highways. On the federal level, political elites can rake in billions with Delaware corporations and limited partnerships, equities firms, joint ventures, emerging markets and pay-to-play foreign government deals. The blend between charity and corporate profiteering can become a blur.

Someone should investigate the Ukrainian corporate interests now registered as Delaware corporations!

We need to free Julian Assange, editor of Wikileaks, a publication believing in government transparency; and we need to eliminate the financial corruption existing between corporations and politicians, better described as a privileged few.

What’s remarkable is the equity firm, Rosemont Seneca LLC, described in the below article about Ukrainian corruption, several years ago, as a relatively new business, struck a huge joint venture deal with the Bank of China that became mysteriously lucrative.

Rosemont Seneca is owned by Joe Biden’s son, John Kerry’s son and the firm is affiliated in the Chinese deal with The Thornton Group, owned by Whitey Bulger’s nephew and namesake James Bulger. Their joint venture with the Bank of China is called Bohai Harvest RST. The names Rosemont, Seneca and Thornton explain the RST to the name.

It’d be nice to find a mainstream news report on the specifics of this cozy deal, described in value as 1.5 billion dollars. Most of the writing on this subject found from a duckduckgo search, unfortunately, is mostly penned from right-leaning news journals and not widely reported. From my search, I chose to cite as a reference on the China deal, Blacklisted News.

Why use Blacklisted News?

Well, mainstream media has become severely corporatized and monopolized. As distinctly proven by Russiagate, corporate media is no longer a reliable source for information due to its penchant for lies, distortions, omissions and perversions of truth. Main media has slashed its investigative journalism budgets and dismissed all of its ombudsmen. It thrives on corporate dollars and political connections over truth! It won’t even vigorously call for the freedom of Julian Assange!

Also, Blacklisted News, despite its alluring name, can in no way be as shady as Rosemont Seneca, LLC, a wealthy equity firm located in the heart of Washington, DC. Given the remarkable namesakes of the individual principles of the firm, one would think Rosemont Seneca, LLC, located on DC’s Wisconsin Ave. in close proximity to both the Biden and Kerry homesteads, would, at a minimum, have a functional business telephone (see The Hill reporting linked above)!

Interestingly, and to its credit, Politico has also chimed in on this issue:

Let’s get sensible: Free Julian Assange! Read Wikileaks!

Interesting conversation about Biden:



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Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!