Russiagate — Six Prongs of A Very Broken Pitchfork!

— DNC/Podesta Docs; Steele Dossier; Russian Internet Agency; Trump Tower Meeting; The Russian Mole; & Mainstream Media

Michael Weddle
8 min readOct 19, 2019

[NOTE: Just about everything one needs to know about Russiagate can be found in this post and the supporting reference materials.]

May 2022 Update:

January 2021 Update:

December 2020 Update:

May 9, 2020 UPDATE: What main corporate media failed to report regarding the recent release of House Intelligence Committee Russiagate transcripts!

No handle!

It’s my personal belief Russiagate was meant to fly several balloons on one string and originated initially as cover for Hillary Clinton’s campaign once the buzz got around Wikileaks would be releasing damaging information, this on the heels of an already-controversial Clinton email quagmire. At the time, nobody thought Clinton would lose the election, thus actions that shouldn’t have been taken were enacted.

The Russiagate concept later expanded in order to cloak attention away from how the Clinton/DNC rigged Democratic Primary and also to divert attention from how the main media allowed and enabled Donald Trump to become Hillary Clinton’s “pied piper” opponent. Main media never properly vetted Trump prior, during and shortly after his announcement.

Russiagate, in the aftermath of her loss to Trump, eventually became a hammering tool by which to clobber him in ways similar to how the GOPwingers continually clobbered and thwarted Barack Obama. The Democratic political operatives viewed this as payback.

What’s tragically sad is the Democratic leadership ended up shooting itself in the foot in so many ways by pursuing and sensationalizing Russiagate. In particular, not only was war risked with Russia, the Democrats in part became responsible for the continued sanctuary exile and eventual imprisonment of Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange, a lifelong pacifist with a proven belief in government transparency.

Had Assange not been totally silenced when Trump assumed the presidency, his worldwide connectivity could have helped expose the Trump-Pence Administration, exactly as Assange did with Bush-Cheney and Obama-Biden administrations and with multiple other heads of worldwide governments. Due to the manufactured Russiagate hysteria, it has never widely been reported in America that Wikileaks exposed over 800,000 documents against Russia.

A true pacifist like Assange does not pick bullies — he exposes all of them! And so Julian Assange — Free him!!!

Finally, I’m anxious to hear any rebuttals to the below links. Rebuttals should be quality in nature and include contrary and irrefutable evidence! Any good Democrat who reads all of the information below, should easily become comforted that they can finally put Russiagate to bed.

The DNC Computer Documents Were Inside Leak

The Clinton/DNC-Contracted Steele “Dirty Dossier”

[NOTE: See lower part of the below article:]

[NOTE: Craig Murray, author of the below article, has repeatedly claimed he flew to Washington DC and met someone in a park a university park who delivered documents which Murray then provided Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange. The testimony of Murray could completely debunk Russiagate, but Murray has never been asked to provide any information by the investigatory agencies, including Mueller. The below meme I created tells the story.]

Ask yourself: Can the US media spell C-R-A-I-G_M-U-R-R-A-Y?

The Russian Internet Agency

Trump Tower Meeting

The Russian Mole

Mainstream Media

Additional Materials Relative to Russiagate Propaganda:

Kilimnik Allegations



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