Russiagate Propaganda Prevails as Dems Defend Ukrainegate

— Democrats need stop spewing propaganda and accept responsibility: the Clinton/Media cloak is very see-through!

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The recent US House Intelligence Committee Impeachment Hearings offered a parade of expert foreign policy witnesses to testify among other things, that Russiagate was very real. This emphasis existed even though the primary topic of the impeachment hearing was Ukrainegate.

It was almost as if Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s hearing required the role of a stern dominatrix type, if only to heap abuse upon Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Dr. Fiona Hill — of Brookings Institution fame — and her senior executive cohorts, strenuously ascertained Russia’s culpability in the matter. This, even though the issue at hand was Ukrainian corruption and influence peddling.

It wasn’t like the table had not been set for imagery: Every god-fearing American knows the mere mention of Russia always makes bribery, extortion and obstruction of justice real and more inviting.

Propaganda works in funny ways, and the folks on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show are not immune. Here’s a prime example involving Financial Times national editor, Edward Luce. In a conveniently whipped-up sense of bewildering innocence, Luce made the following outlandish comment in response to an allegation put forward by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), who cited several publications — including the Financial Times — claiming Ukraine outright meddled in the 2016 US election. Kennedy’s primary point was the Ukrainian meddling was well-publicized:

One would expect Luce to at least be accurate concerning knowledge of his own publication, especially with high-tech search tools available to him. Anyway, Luce failed the simple standard test of any national editor: knowing what you’ve put to print!

Truth Be Known:

The Deeper Viewpoint:

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