RussiaGate? Hey, I Tried To Warn Yers’!

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Message to Democrats: Stay Solid Left, Do Not Fall Prey to McCarthyism!

Diligently, I’ve cautioned my Internet colleagues there’s no there there when it comes to Russiagate. Only a few would believe me. Perhaps NPR soothing you into a similar conclusion might help finally get this point across!

[3/27/19 Update: The Mueller Report is now released with a finding of no collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia.]

One method Big Media uses to get you — to hook you in — is to envelop key talking points into routines of late-night comedians. Once RussiaGate began streaming in those kinds of shows, Putin and Trump pretty much ended up on the same horse — Putin, of course, without a shirt.

Below is an example of John Oliver performing CIA-like talking points with respect to Venezuela:

I’ve always contended Trump is horrible and never should have become president and I’ve always complained corporate media failed to vet Trump properly with in-depth investigative reporting before, when and shortly after he announced. A responsible media reporting on Trump at the beginning very, very likely would have prevented the misery so many of us feel today!

Instead, powerful media connections helped to placate Hillary Clinton’s accession to the presidential throne by doing two critical things: a) imposing a media blackout on Bernie Sanders to guarantee her Democratic Primary victory; and b) make Trump Hillary’s “pied piper” candidate (see Wikileaks), one who she could easily defeat in the November election.

I think a lot of folks from my ‘Woodstock Generation’ have forgotten a key component about who we were back then, that too many have forgotten important ideals. You see, back then we’d routinely:

Question Authority!

It’s time for those of us from the ’60s to team up with today’s Millennials and beat back the Bevis and Butthead mentality that somehow came to prevail in the influence of our government! Who the hell wants uncaring and greedy-bastards controlling our government?

In closing, if you’re gonna get your tips from comedians make sure you’re tuned into the right ones! Here is one telling us about conscientious objection!

PS: The Wikileaks exposures from the DNC computers were the result of a leak, not a hack!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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