Russia Wins Big on Nordstream-2 Pipeline — Ukraine Hurt

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Ukrainians must now feel tremendous remorse for allowing the US and EU to meddle within its affairs by encouraging Ukraine to join NATO and accept western military assistance. Due to hardcore western influences Ukraine has outright lost Crimea, which Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev gifted to it in the 1960's. The controversy saw Crimea, primarily populated by Russian-speaking citizens, vote by national referendum to rejoin Russia.

Ukraine is also in danger of losing its eastern Donbass border region which also is heavily Russian-populated. Its maritime influence throughout the Black Sea has become substantially reduced, nearly moot.

The western-sponsored coup fired up Nazis and fascists to overthrow Ukraine’s legitimately-elected government and Ukraine has since yet to recover. The newly-elected president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, is impossibly stuck between powerful Ukrainian oligarchs, Russia’s concern over its sovereign border, unhelpful and self-centered US and EU pressure and, worse, a powerful Nazi-fascist block of its citizenry. It’s a total mess!

The Ukrainian government not only remains politically and economically unstable but matters have terribly worsened. Denmark has agreed to support the Russian-German Nordstream-2 gas pipeline project which will feed Russia’s gas into the bulk of Europe. The long-wanted pipeline project will begin instantly. This means Ukraine’s current role as a gas transit nation into Europe most likely will cease to exist, adding further damage to its economy.

The US will also lose out as the financial instruments will be conducted using Euros (possibly even Rubles) thereby bypassing entirely the US Petro Dollar. Interestingly, China last January introduced a Petro Yuan which also could come into play in the future. Something very concerning for the US down the road is the reality that China’s Yuan is backed by gold whereas the US Petro Dollar is essentially backed by debt.

The moral of the story is the US needs to work with, not against, the interests of Russia and China. China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI) is another project coming into world prominence and one the US seemingly is currently attempting to sabotage.

The BRI will reopen the ancient Silk Road land and sea trading routes, using green infrastructure and technology, thus enabling trade opportunities with smaller nations. Work has already begun and more and more nations are coming on board as soon as practicably possible.

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The plan is for it to extend from China into Russia, down through the Baltics into the gateway of Turkey, throughout the Middle East to the gateway of Iran into The Stan nations and winding into Lower Asia. All indications are China and the burgeoning economic engine of India are mending rivalries and India will be on board. With India participating, despite US prognostications, Europe will have no choice but to join the BRI.

Meanwhile, the US is flexing its military might — especially with its regional proxy wars — to block the BRI. Whereas Russia and China prefer a multilateral approach, the US capitalist oligarchy prefers a unilateral approach with an intent of boosting its hegemony throughout the planet. Now you understand why the US has a thousand military bases all over the globe and remains reliant upon dictatorial powers — the US provides military assistance to 73% of the world’s dictatorial governments.

America seriously needs to change its policy of feeding only its own oligarchs.The world has and is rapidly changing. Sadly, America is not in tune with the changes. Also factor in potentially worldwide catastrophic implications from climate change of which the US is presently a belligerent.

We need to elect a wise person into the US presidency, someone who will stand up against the military-industrial-media complex. That wise man is Bernie Sanders who holds a sensitivity towards sound governance and an understanding of the crucial need for nations to become in tune with each other, to work with each other and support each other. The days of US bullyism must cease to exist!

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A comparative reading of the median age in respective nations shows exactly how America’s oligarchy has destroyed the well-being and hopes and dreams of citizens in so many nations. Perhaps median age is a better barometer than how well the Dow Jones functions. given 85% of those participating in the US stock market are fat cats at the top.

A review to what happened to America’s middle class shows exactly how oligarchy is even destroying our own nation.

Vote for Bernie Sanders in 2020. The wisdom of his experience, his executive, judicial and diplomatic appointments will change the course of world history for the better, his presidency might even help to save humanity from destroying itself!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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