RIP Meredith Knight — Always Among The Good Ones

— She lived a life where her kindness was unmatched!

A Quaker, a true American Friend, Meredith, by her life and her very good deeds, has spoken. She shall rest in peace!

Throughout the ’90s, every Thursday night I threw a musical-spaghetti party in Cambridge and every holiday an even bigger party. Meredith was always present and she normally keyed in on where the conversations were. We would solve every problem in the world in our party kitchen and the live music performing in the background always proved we were right!

Meredith was sensitive and kind, never had a bad word about anyone. She often set an example on how best one could be and she valued her many friendships. She always beat back any slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune with the goodness of her heart and she successfully shunned the badness in the world.

Always engaging — a librarian even — she would enjoy talking on any subject, evermore remaining humble.

Our world needs Merediths. It’s so sad we lost one. Blessings to those she cherished and to all who cherished her.

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!