Reprint of My March 3, 2019 Analysis of the Democratic Field of Candidates

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Bernie, with his small donor knapsack, would run up this hill — but DNC political operatives won’t let him!

[NOTE: The below was written as an update to a Medium article (slightly edited) I wrote on April 12th about crystal ball predictions of the 2020 presidential race.]

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee, an HRC super delegate supporter, has joined the race to solely focus on climate change issues. This will effectively dilute Bernie Sanders votes from environmentalists in Iowa and NH.

[NOTE (11/6/19): Inslee, seemingly sporting a conscience, common sense or both, dropped out of the 24-candidate field perhaps realizing he had become a pawn in the game.]

Liz Warren is performing a similar straw candidacy role for the New Hampshire primary. Warren has no reason to be in this race, other than to divide the progressive vote and dilute Bernie Sanders votes in New Hampshire. By using a competing “Home Field Advantage” strategy, Warren, from Massachusetts, will hobnob with NH’s centrist national female politicians in order to take votes away from Bernie.

Interesting sidebar: In the 2016 race, Sanders showed the amazing courtesy of allowing Warren to make her decision to run before he announced his candidacy. Had she decided to run, he would not have announced. Warren, who has now risen into the comfortable role of a political insider, consults with Hillary Clinton and shows no desire to return the political courtesy to Bernie.

Hot Tip: Lots of free bacon-wrapped scallops will be dished out courtesy of the donors and NH party insiders who support the Warren campaign! Reminder: Just ’cause you take her scallops does not mean you have to vote for her — lol!

As noted below, Kamala Harris will play the important role of siphoning off minority voters who otherwise would support Sanders due to his strong stances on economics and imbalances within America’s criminal justice system. The Harris Effect will initially take place in South Carolina, scheduled as the fourth state to vote. Possibility Eric Holder might come in to also grab some southern votes away from Sanders.

Her candidacy will also play an enormous role on Super Tuesday which not only includes several southern states but also California which has moved its primary forward. Also, Warren will try to stick around in order to prevent Sanders from winning Massachusetts, which also votes on Super Tuesday.

Also noteworthy, is Clinton’s campaign chairman, Robby Mook, has been appointed to head the House Majority PAC. This influential position will enable Mook to use a bully pulpit, and re-election funding, to prevent Democratic congressmen and women from endorsing Sanders. Clinton political operatives also control the DNC chair and committee as well as the DNC war room.

All things considered, strongly finishing candidates at the end of the primar process make greater the chance for DC political operatives to select their own puppet, either by a late midstream ‘shining white knight’ entrant into the race, or by guaranteeing a brokered convention whereby the super delegates can select the nominee on the 2nd ballot. The object of the Beltway insiders is to prevent Bernie from running away with the nomination start to finish.

Stay tuned!

[NOTE: The above was written as an update to my below-published Medium article consisting of multiple updates for 2020 crystal ball election analysis]

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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