Remove The Mobside President The Clinton Campaign & Media Created

The 25th Amendment Never Looked So Good!

How Trump, The Mobsta, Rose to Dominate America

This meme was inspired after Trump’s 2/15/19 Declaration of Emergency!

Excerpt From Politico Magazine

This chart shows the number of times a candidate’s full name appeared in the top 25 online news sources, as a percentage of all mentions, for October to December of 2015
Why is little-known Carson getting so much more free coverage than six governors and two senators?

Clinton Campaign Strategy: Defeat Sanders Then Easily Beat Trump

Sanders Was Best Democratic Candidate!

First, Sanders:

Second, Trump:

Mobster Sworn-in as The 45th US President

Paul “Big Paul” Castellano, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, Roy Cohn, and Trump
Trump with Robert LiButti, a racehorse trader and gambler.

The Media Blew It!

United Front Behind Bernie Sanders!



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