Publisher Julian Assange, Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning & Ambassador Craig Murray

— Three Names That Shame US-UK Politics & Journalism!

“Freedom of the Press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticize and oppose.” — George Orwell

I, personally, condemn any politician — who is charged with defending liberty — and any journalist — who is charged with reporting the truth — who does not join former UK ambassador Craig Murray in his genuine call for Julian Assange’s freedom! Also the freedom of Chelsea Manning! May those who refuse become well-known and go down in history as hypocrites to truth, justice and freedom for all!

Remember when the typical main media spin — here in the US and in the UK — was Julian Assange was free to leave the Ecuadoran embassy, where he sought sanctuary, any time he wished — all he had to do was walk out, he was free to leave?

Think of the conscience of those individuals who advocated that Assange abandon his sanctuary at the embassy! Each of them now with a conscience holding the value of complete and utter saspisash!

Even though the US economically pressured the Ecuadoran government into taking away all of Assange’s communication capability while in sanctuary at the embassy, it was publicly expressed, in great media fanfare, that the matter was a simple as Assange meeting head-on his criminal charge from Sweden (something which Assange repeatedly attempted to accomplish) and confront the relatively minor UK bail-jumping infraction, which resulted from his decision to seek sanctuary know the US would have him extradited.

But, according to the all-knowing experts, had Assange complied with the above, he would again become a free man. This we were repeatedly informed by politicians and especially by authorities at Britain’s The Guardian Newspaper. Craig Murray knows each of these individuals!

So, here now, as was expected by most reasonable thinkers, Sweden dropped its charges (which were originally prompted and influenced by the US). Since being forcibly removed from the embassy by British authorities, Assange has been tried, convicted and confined for bail-jumping, Julian has now served his full sentence. He should be a free man!

But the US wants to extradite him from the UK and impose criminal charges for publishing secret US documents back during the Obama-Biden Administration. As a side note, I always thought Trump wanted to undo anything Obama had done! But Trump, here, is very cunning. By silencing Assange he knows he also silences the world’s greatest critic and publisher of truth!

Can you imagine Daniel Ellsberg, who published The Pentagon Papers (full of Vietnam War secrets), setting back and wondering: “What on earth is the US government doing to Julian Assange? Why is the US government cracking down on our supposedly free press?”

Julian Assange, a lifelong pacifist opposed to war and a staunch advocate for transparency in governments, the publisher and editor of Wikileaks, is not a free man!

He presently is confined in a nightmarish of a prison, treated as badly if not worse than convicted terrorists. Aside from being secretly killed or removed from prison (pick your poison!), even Jeffrey Epstein received better treatment than what Julian Assange is now getting.

Neither is Chelsea Manning free.

Nearly a decade ago, she aided Assange with exposing international violations of assassination, cruelty and torture by the US government, and she helped to expose other secret materials showing how the US was promulgating its war on Iraq. Even though her previous conviction was commuted by President Obama, Manning today is locked up because she refuses to testify against Assange before a souped-up and politically-convened grand jury headed by the Trump Administration which holds a vested interest in keeping Assange silent.

Why is Julian Assange charged, and Daniel Ellsberg was not?

If the Democratic leadership had any sensibility or credibility, it would know the answer to this question. Instead, it is blinded. It is blinded by Russiagate and the Wikileaks role with exposing how Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 Democratic Primary. Wikileaks merely performed its well-known and well-established role since its inception as a publishing organization: Transparency in government!

Rather than forthrightly deal with the content of the Wikileaks exposures, take corrective action and issue an apology to the electorate, the Democratic leadership choose instead to absurdly try and link Assange with the Russian government. Using tools of America’s deep state and the power of the well-greased Clinton media machine, Democratic leadership has done its damnedest to keep Assange silenced.

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Ironically, this backfired. Yes, Assange has been silenced but it is the Democrats have been hurt the most. Assange and Manning, with very strong consciences, can take the position: “they may chain us, they may beat us, they may even kill us… but, without our consent, they’ve gained nothing!” The Democrats, meanwhile, are stuck with Trump! Sadly we, the people, are stuck with him as well.

Most good thinkers know Bernie Sanders would have clobbered Donald Trump in the 2016 election!

Had Assange been free to operate during Trump’s Administration, what with Assange’s proven worldwide connectivity capability, he, more than anyone, likely could have come up with damaging materials to the Trump-Pence Administration. Examine at the very long Wikileaks record: Assange has published against nearly every major government on earth!

Assange certainly did this with Bush-Cheney and Obama-Biden and he most assuredly would have done the same against Trump-Pence! Why would a lifelong pacifist who believes in transparent governments have anything to do with Trump’s mobster mentality replete with violent proclivities? Be sensible, folks!

Yes indeed, Assange might well could have succeeded where the limited in scope Mueller Investigation failed. Instead, Democrats, by helping Trump to keep Assange silent, squarely shot themselves in the foot on the matter of public disclosure and transparency!

I, personally, condemn any Democrat — who claims they defend liberty and the truth — who does not join Craig Murray in his genuine call for Assange’s freedom! Also the freedom of Manning! May those Democrats who do not join Murray’s call, become well-known as hypocrites to truth, justice and freedom for all!

It is well established that Trump and GOPwingers like him — look at the US Senate! — have always been horrible with such matters. But this serves as no excuse for Democrats to behave like them!

I have a solution to help get it all back on track and help get both Assange and Manning free:

Invite Ambassador Murray to Speak at The National Press Club in Washington, DC!

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Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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