Public Relations Always Meets a Worthy War

I don’t care which or how many public relations firms are working with the US government and western media in order to favorably spin Ukraine while attempting to destroy the image of Russia. In the end — unless a substantive peace negotiation is quickly discovered — Ukraine, as we know it today, will end up becoming the western Ukraine only, defeated and landlocked as a nation.

Like with what happened when NATO busted up Yugoslavia, Ukraine could become several independent nations. They could become either linked to Russia, completely independent or autonomously self-sufficient. Meanwhile, to NATO and Europe, and especially Poland, Ukraine ultimately could become like an unwanted child.

Ukraine was the poorest among all European nations, with corruption playing a large role. It did not need billions of dollars of military aid which essentially, by its nature, hives corruption. Ukraine needed human assistance similar to what Russia had been offering. But the US, its UK poodle and NATO, sensing a way to apply pressure to arch-enemy Russia, put western European dreams into the minds of Ukrainian policymakers. This failed miserably and led to a rising Nazi and fascist element within both Ukraine’s government and military — a huge mistake!

As for the current reality, you just can’t spin this any other way. Russia is too powerful and will get what it wants when the matter concerns borders it has long historically defended. Anyone who thinks differently is a thinly-read fool, a political opportunist seeking some kind of reward or someone who simply hasn’t put enough thought into the true deep history.

Rewards? Let’s examine public relations firms which always get rewarded nicely during the build-up towards a war, during the times of war or throughout a war’s aftermath. Public relations specialists, no matter what, always get rewardingly greased.

Guess which public relations firms are pushing Ukraine! Whose dollars are dialing this in? Spreading propaganda is expensive; but hearing about it is cheap!

Consider we are getting dosed daily!

Perhaps you’ve already heard or felt the impact from The Putin Price Hikes. Who coined this news-parroting term? According to the public relations perspective behind this marketing phrase, the severe hikes have held an especially negative effect for America’s President Joe Biden. Since already pre-conditioned Vladimir Putin is cruel, Joe Biden — who once effectively handled Corn Pop — should therefore receive great sympathy. But, folks, this is dialed-in sympathy.

Meanwhile, we pay up at the pump and everywhere else! This, while we get conditioned: So what if we have to pay an extra buck or few — we’re helping Ukraine! Without even directly realizing it, due to excellent public relations, we rank and file citizens get brought right into the thick of the war with our wallets while singing Johnny, goes marching on …!

Hey, supposedly, it’s not even our war!

You should know America’s wars today are either clever coups attained by bribery or militarized black ops, high-tech bombing campaigns or proxy military engagements situated on the heels of economic sanctioning. Proxy wars are where people who are not American do the fighting. Of course, there’s always an opportunity for a US-based soldier of fortune. Sadly, America contributes too much to the foul breed of military mercenaries!

A world-leading example would be the notorious Eric Prince and his host of various subsidiary mercenary organizations. If an entity becomes particularly cruel like Prince’s Blackwater mercenaries once were in Iraq, all that’s needed is a healthy dosing of public relations and perhaps a name change. The war business always handsomely moves on.

Wouldn’t you really like to know how deeply Prince mercenaries haver been involved in Ukraine? What particular role they played during the 2014 coup? To what extent they have teamed with Azov in order to train the wider Ukrainian military? Excuse me, but in my humble opinion, a wise Democrat would not ignore these questions.

Prince later offered his vast mercenary forces to take the place of the entirety of US military operations in Afghanistan … for a tidy sum, of course. His offer actually received serious Department of Defense and Trump White House consideration. Do not pretend you have looked the other way as Prince mercenaries already have been in Syria, Ukraine, Libya and other African nations. They’ve also been dabbling in Latin and South America.

In the geopolitical scheme of things, Oligarch Protection Units (OPUs) are needed to keep US-European oligarchy profiting from its third world wealth extraction operations. For this oligarchy to keep its market share, the public push becomes that only the Russian oligarchs are the bad ones. Meanwhile, real-life enemies like ISIS, al-Qaeda, Al Shabab, Boko Haram and even modern-day eastern-European Nazi-fascist organizations easily can become twisted into becoming US or NATO allies. Funny, how keeping the good oligarchy goes!

This is precisely what now is taking place in Ukraine.

It’s also why a supposed Marvel Hero Team-Up like Obama-Biden would make use of Eric Prince mercenaries just as much as a Marvel Villain Team-Up such as Bush-Cheney. Note that Bush-Cheney never got punished for the illegal war, the torture or heaping the abusive Patriot Act upon Americans. In fact, it was Obama-Biden who signed The Patriot Act into law. Don’t be fooled. The OPUs are on the same side and they work together!

But it’s A-OK ‘cause America has access to the very best of all public relations firms money can buy. Of course, the public relations companies have access to the best politicians money can buy. A solid PR scheme can help lurch one into total prominence or it can doggedly whitewash, divert, erase or make people forget. This becomes easy when the wider media in general itself is adept at the practice of lies, distortions, omissions and perversions of truth.

When the chips are down they all sniff out a buck or few!

In a corporate world where five conglomerates control 90% of all US media, a strong PR firm can handle just about anything, especially if it concerns banking and the military industrial complex. America’s media has evolved to a point where it has indeed become a key OPU component.

One can daily see evidence of hardcore public relations just by viewing the respective Twitter or Facebook trending features. Do you think you get to read or watch what you wanna read or watch? If so, imagine the kind of fool you have become?

Do you realize that Google and YouTube algorithms know exactly what responses to feed us based on what we place into their respective search bars? It used to be what would pop to the search top would be dated information from a variety of sources both known and unknown. These days your brain immediately gets devoured first with a small string of advertisers, and then with ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox, CNN, Bloomberg and other big-time keeper of the gate sources.

The other more credible search sources that once appeared— likely what you were looking for — never show up. Even if you’re lucky, they’ll appear deep within multiple pages of search options. But studies show most folks only read the headline and first few paragraphs. The same is true with a search engine as rarely does one search past the first page of results. One could easily argue that this is what’s called manufacturing consent.

I’ve been online since AOL 1.5 — back when Netscape, Metacrawler and Ask Jeeves were top dogs. At the turn of the year in 2003, on (SI), I created and hosted the world’s first substantive antiwar debate, against the War on Iraq. My debate — entitled DON’T START THE WAR and Stop The War — solicited nearly a hundred thousand messages. Spawned into existence in the mid-’90s, the SI stock investment forum featured back and forth chat action similar to what would come from Facebook and Twitter.

As the internet evolved, I’ve always feared every new update. I knew the moment I accepted a new update I was giving up internet freedoms, becoming more limited and under greater control as devious government agencies and advertising dollars began their strangle holds. We Internet consumers became easy pickings!

I am blessed, however, that I once got to see and participate in the experience of high tech’s early soapbox. Those were days when first amendment freedoms were at the greatest levels ever since the founding of our nation. It’s so sad we lost that, and more.

Retrospectively? Without the ombudsmen, cartoonists and quality investigative reporters? We can only lift our whisky jar to Saddam who had to have worked very hard in order to lift babies from incubators or to the diligent Qaddafi who once vigorously fed Viagra to his soldiers. And do you remember when and how Curveball knew it all?

Well, now comes a nerdy Putin who somehow daily commits at least a half-a-dozen atrocities all on his own! The worst part, as we are informed, is that he does this intentionally.

So, go ahead. Lift and down your drink. Speak out angrily at all of ‘em:

“I know you did it, you no-good lousy bastard! I hope you burn and die in hell … USA! USA! USA!”

Quickly down your drink in whole!

Then set back and wait for your next public relations message. It won’t be long before you’ll get to drink again. I remind you they will never make alcohol expensive. So go for it. You’ve got your rights … you are indeed a Number One American!

Here’s a little background on Ukraine that you will not get from the public relations firms:

Below is a description of the real problem!

War and Public Relations:

Hills-Knowlton, now owned by WPP:

Burson-Marsteller, Owned by London’s WPP:

Part of the world’s largest marketing group, it has offices across the Middle East.

Oorvis, U.S. subsidiary of Publicis:

Representing Saudi Arabia since the 9/11 attacks, it has been accused of helping to whitewash the Saudi record on human rights.




Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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