Progressives Won’t Win With Warren

— She’s a Loyalist of Party Over People!

Ever since JFK got shot America’s oligarchy has utilized two-party control and tactical voting to win. The combination of voter suppression tactics, bad economics which saw America’s middle class collapse and many folks living in in an underground reality due to the drug war, together, have helped eliminate nearly half of the electorate from voting in national elections; one-third in state elections and around 80% for municipal elections. Big money has controlled and influenced those who have voted and the candidates they get to vote for have been pedigreed and groomed to fit a two party system only.

For the most part, Republican policy has prevailed with an occasional Democrat assuming the presidency as mop-up duty for when the GOPwingers have performed so poorly. The nominee of both political parties is always oligarch-friendly.

Forgive my inelegance, but I hereby formally declare Liz Warren has been and is presently a tool of the Democratic Party. Those who support her are fools who ultimately will end up voting against their own best progressive interests as she is a faux progressive and not a real one like Bernie.

Had Warren in 2016 — supposedly a progressive — endorsed Bernie Sanders right out of the gate, Clinton and Sanders would not have tied in the Iowa and Nevada Caucuses or in the Massachusetts primary. Sanders would have won those states like he did in New Hampshire. Consequently, Clinton never would have become the Democratic nominee. No matter how much main media attempts to indoctrinate you with revisionist history, it was HRC’s nomination that caused Trump’s presidency!

Now, in 2020, Warren — supposedly a progressive — runs against Bernie Sanders. Why? She knew not only was he going to run a second time but that he also deserved a second chance. Yes, Liz Warren is that calculating. But the fact of the matter is she didn’t care.

Thus, Warren’s presence in the race enables party centrist Joe Biden to hold a clear lead throughout the polling. Were Warren not in the race, Bernie would overwhelmingly be trouncing Biden in the polls, he’d be described as the clearcut frontrunner and progressives, finally, would have a true shot at winning! This hasn’t happened since before JFK was shot!

Think of all the misery we Americans, and the rest of the world, have experienced since that fateful day in Dallas! Once they got past the kinks of Nixon and Reagan-Bush got their oligarchial grip-hold of American politics CEO pay rose 937% compared to worker pay rising at only 11%. We are today experiencing the longest period where the federal minimum wage has not risen. Congressional salaries surely rose though, didn’t they?

Today, one of every 100 Americans is in a jail system; one of 55 are on probation; one in 25 is executed innocently and 12% of everybody in America holds a felony conviction. Our nation is perpetually at war, exploiting the precious mineral resources of smaller nations while Big Defense, Big Oil, Big Banking etc. rake in obscene profits as America sells arms to 73% of the world’s dictatorial governments. Nice, huh?

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Today we see a monopolized media where five corporate conglomerates control 90% of it. When Reagan-Bush took office there were 50 major media companies. Investigative journalists are pretty much replaced with Pentagon plants, and the people’s watchdog ombudsmen positions have all been dismissed. So much for criticism!

Today’s media, in effect, functions as an Oligarch Protection Unit … straighten your smile and take your spot in the herd! It’s not that the media just outright lies, which it has done. It’s also a matter of what it distorts, delays, omits or perverts. There is no challenge from a media that thrives only on corporatism, political convenience and delusions of glocal rule grandeur.

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With Biden as the DNC/media starlet and Warren, Harris and Buttegieg as upstart hopefuls tactfully being media-pushed so each can attain anti-Sanders delegates, it’s unlikely Bernie will muster delegates enough to win on the 1st ballot. Thus, the Democratic presidential ticket will be picked by 2nd ballot super delegates who’ll engineer a centrist oligarch-friendly pedigreed team-up. It’ll become just like the typical Marvel Super Villain Team-Up against a DC Super Villain Team-Up we always see. Oligarchs will win again!

Not only based on her poor track record when it comes to answering the progressive call when it strongly beckons, every available hint shows Liz Warren won’t flinch as she deadlocks the DNC convention preventing a Bernie win. In the end, she’ll likely assign her won delegates to party politics over progressive politics, caving in to David Brock’s pro-Clinton Third Way political organization which will provide Warren with the only courage she’ll think she needs.

Forget not, multi-millionaires — and those a pay grade above them — think similarly!

When it came time to rise and support of over 400 Native American tribes defending clean water at Standing Rock during cruel winter months, Warren was nowhere involved. Again, Bernie winning Iowa, Nevada and Massachusetts in 2016 would have totally transformed America for the better — but Liz Warren instead played Hillary Clinton centrist politics!

If Liz Warren were the real deal she’d espouse foreign policy positions similar to those of Tulsi Gabbard. Warren would, could and should be a true Massachusetts voice for peace. She’s not! Whether Gaza, Syria’s Golan Heights, at-Tanf, and Eastern Euphrates or Iran and The Persian Gulf, Warren is nothing but weak words at best … or none at all. If she understood Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala she’d have far superior positions relative to America’s Mexico border issues.

Worse, Warren has tried to hide her work on the longstanding controversial Dow Corning lawsuit where she sided with corporate interests over the interests of the women plaintiffs, this according to several involved with the lawsuit.

It’s important to realize that Liz Warren — unlike Bernie Sanders who is a real progressive — is more a progressive of convenience, this largely having to do with the fact she represents Massachusetts and that somebody, on behalf of the party, needs to temper and help hold at bay progressive party members. Warren relishes this role.

  • She chose not to vote for Jimmy Carter after Watergate. Huh!?!
  • She remained a Republican until age 47.
  • She wrote in The Harvard Law Review a perspective favorable to the interests of Dow Corning and has low-keyed (some would argue hidden) this corporate work.
  • She claims she’s not running in the primary on PAC money, however she transferred millions of dollars of PAC money from her existing two political accounts after she set up her presidential campaign. Main media doesn’t discuss this much though, does it?
  • She voted for an obscene Pentagon budget twice and defended monster defense contractor Raytheon to a point where she could easily become a board member once she leaves politics. This often happens with the progressive-posturing Democrats — say hello to Bill Richardson and hi to Howard Dean! Anybody think Bernie would do this?
  • She’s getting praise and kudos from Wall Street as Forbes affectionately now writes how banker-types are giving her a new view. As much as Hillary Clinton dreams of rebranding herself as the 2nd ballot compromise nominee, the 2nd Clinton ‘Comeback Kid’ or the ‘I Wuz Robbed’ girl, Warren, too, thinks she can rebrand herself for a general election, perhaps even as Joey’s VP — the oligarchs won’t care.
  • And where has she been when it comes to calls for reforming the Democratic Party and properly critiquing the corruption from the 2016 election? Is she for paper ballots or easily-rigged ballots? Does she hold an opinion on exit-polling when the numbers do not match? Where was her call for a special elections commission? Will she care if Bernie’s kind of progressives see long lines?

Let’s be real. Warren is too quirky of a candidate. She perpetually uses odd or misplaced expressions like “boy,” “so” and “gee whiz.” Her idea of having a beer with a working person seems lonely and internet-restricted. Warren knows as well as anyone it’s hard not to behave like a multi-millionaire when in fact you are one. Believe me, working people won’t tune in to her brand!

Warren will not defeat Trump and, to make matters worse, she’ll hold no political coat-tails for the down ballot races. She has absolutely no appeal to Independent voters! Biden will struggle similarly.

Bernie Sanders provenly appeals to Independent voters who presently comprise 46% of the electorate! After all of the Russiagate rigormaroll, all of the anti-Trump pronoucements and with 25 declared Democrats in the race, the Dems only lead the GOP in voter registration by 27 to 26, according to Gallup.

If Democrats wanna win, Bernie is the one!

Repeat: Warren will not defeat Trump! Warren will only help to make Democrats lose!

Where Warren will excel, however, is assuring that Bernie won’t get enough votes for a 1st ballot win. It’s very possible Biden will defeat Bernie on a 2nd Superdelegate-laced ballot at the convention. Biden, even with Warren on the ticket, could easily lose to Trump, or some other Republican if Trump doesn’t run (it’s important to think about this possibility).

But be this as it may, I guarantee you Trump’s GOPwingers already are planning a strategy predicated on the DNC screwing over Bernie Sanders a second time. Strategically, this could precisely be why Trump never pulled the military trigger on North Korea, Venezuela or Iran.

Voters want to elect a non-oligarch outsider! Barack Obama promised he’d be one in 2008, after voters were sickened by Bush-Cheney. But once in office he governed like a Clinton insider. Voters are also sick of the pretentious masquerading Trump. But they’re also equally sick of Biden. Warren won’t fit anywhere except perhaps for a cabinet position and she has little to no appeal beyond the coastal states.

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Don’t be a fool. Be wise and begin building a United Front behind Bernie Sanders! Only Bernie will head-on challenge the oligarchy! And this is precisely what America needs! This is precisely what the world needs!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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