Progressives Must Vote Very Carefully

Best logical bet is to stop messing around and now form a United Front behind Bernie Sanders

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If you believe we need a real progressive America and not a centrist one masquerading as “the left,” resting comfortably on god, gun and gay issues or only copycatting Bernie issues, this is a reminder you should not vote in a way that ultimately will divide or destroy the crucially important true progressive vote.

Geez, read the economic statistics, heed what climatologists are telling us, understand that Western-supported dictatorial governments actually lead to immigration problems and listen extremely closely when you hear drumbeats of death and destruction that could lead to nuclear annihilation! Think of the child born and taught to share!

The Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) is very adept at dividing you up! In 2016 it forced a choice — yes, on you! — between a multi-millionaire warmongering insider and a billionaire pretending as a swamp-draining outsider. Anyone trying to vote progressive resoundingly got kicked in the shins, pulled in the groin and saw sucker-punches to the face. We’re still pulling hair out of our head!

Yes, 2016 was very unkind to the health of our nation!

To make matters worse, instead of solving our election problems, we all got dosed with an extremely distracting and time-wasting Russiagate. We saw a special prosecutor when we should have seen a special election commission! Meanwhile, nothing has changed.

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I strongly recommend you do not vote for a progressive — or one claiming they’re one — unless you are 100% certain that candidate will reassign their convention delegates to Bernie Sanders if Bernie finishes at the convention with the lead in delegates. True progressives only have a one ballot opportunity in this 2020 election!

A deadlocked convention — say a split between Sanders, Warren and Biden — guarantees Beltway Insider superdelegates will select the nominee on the second ballot. You need to know for certainty, if voting for Warren, that she’ll request her delegates go to Bernie if he’s leading the pack.

This, in fact, should become a Warren litmus test!

If the Beltway Insider delegates end up making the choice we could possibly end up with a Clinton-O’Rourke ticket or some centrist combination involving Biden or will they bring Tim Kaine back even? Who knows! On issues that really count, elite Democratic insiders are, at best, only a tad bit different from money-hungry Republicans.

My Primary Concern

Frankly, I don’t trust Liz Warren. This is only due to her proven past behavior. I fear she’s likely to support a party loyalist position over the true progressive position when it comes to reassigning her delegates on a 2nd ballot. I sincerely fear she’ll assign her delegates to the Clinton-donor wing of the party, which still controls the DNC.

If this happens, Bernie will get screwed again! The unity of the Democratic Party will even fracture further than it did in 2016.

I submit the GOPwingers of Mordor already are planning a campaign strategy rooted in the bet the DNC will screw Bernie a second time. A chess-playing strategist myself, this would be a sound political move. This could also explain why The Big Bad Trump threatens war and military build-up (appealing to his base) but always backs out (hoping to pick up disenfranchised Democrats and Independents or force many folks not to vote due to their disgust with the process).

Forget not that Trump & The GOPwingers also hold plenty of Russiagate counter-attack legal options that will be weaving through what have become many friendly GOP courts (thank you, Chuck Schumer!) and GOP-friendly Senate investigatory committees.

Remember Trump may well appear weakened by the main media, but he won’t be out of options because he knows that most people hate the system! A lot of ’em also hate what has become of the media, how untrustworthy it has become— myself included! Trump knows how to play that hate the system card. Sadly, Democrats do not largely because they are complicit with the media.

I’m smart enough to know never to vote for Trump, but are you that confident everybody else is? The past five decades all we Americans have ever seen are OPU set-ups when it comes to the presidency. Both political parties have functioned as a good cop (D) vs. bad cop (R) economic duopoly in support of oligarchy, working people and the poor be damned!

America’s media makes much out of the fact that Vladimir Putin is ex-KGB director. But does this same media ever mention George H.W. Bush was ex-CIA director? Or that current secretary of state Mike Pompeo is ex-CIA director? Heck, if you’re capable of reading the tea leaves properly you’ll discover that Putin is a better Democrat than is Nancy Pelosi or Schumer — check out Putin’s last two state of the union speeches on domestic policy!

I’m already out on the limb predicting Trump might not run again. He’ll make The Deal of The Century — a full-blooded All-American “For The Good of The Nation” arrangement whereby he won’t run in exchange for getting off the hook from mob ties, shady biz or sex-soiled sheets. The deal would get sweetened by GOPwingers then declining to pursue their ready-in-hand counter-attacks against America’s intelligence agencies. Already damaged, US intel still likes to pretend it is squeaky clean.

What if Republicans shocked the nation and threw out a Trey Gowdy-Bill Weld ticket!?! Gowdy, despite being wrong on issues, still remains one of the nation’s top orators. And Weld as a Republican once governed Democratic Massachusetts. If the Republican presidential ticket remains oligarch-friendly and the Democratic presidential ticket remains oligarch-friendly, what on earth would be the true value of a Democratic ticket?

Folks, please hear me out: We’ve got to get back to the garden!

Warren supporters, if you are truly progressive, please mark my words of wisdom and caution. I really do know what I’m writing about!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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