Pricing The Planet, America’s Role

— It’s not a matter of Living Free or Die; it’s more a matter of Living Together or Die!

Michael Weddle
5 min readSep 5, 2022
The parting words of New Hampshire’s Ole’ Man of The Mountain?

On Labor Day weekend I, born in New Hampshire, got called a communist on Facebook. Below is my response:

Actually, I say right on to the inventors, investors and distributors of the hula hoop, the pet rock and the Rubik Cube, etc. There’s also nothing wrong with reasonably well-paid movie actors, performing artists and professional athletes.

But I do have a serious problem with The Silver Spoonists — those who freely get millions and billions of dollars and do nothing productively with the money they inherit. Here is how I would deal with them:

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I like the small banks able to stay in business and keep their same names. I like vegetable stands, local hardware stores, furniture stores and small pharmacies in our communities, especially if family-operated. I’m a firm believer in cottage industry, of grandma selling her quilts and garments and grandpa selling his crafted bird house or furniture — from their homes!

But I condemn US oligarchs perhaps even more than I would condemn what’s popularly perceived as the Russian oligarch. I condemn those who guide acceptability by the Dow Jones Index instead of the Median Age Index. How is third world nations of the Global South — abundant in mineral resources and graced with a splendid environment — lag so far behind US and European nations when it comes to Median Age and other important standards?

In America, what of the conscience of those who create a condition of poorly educated people, rampant homelessness, no universal health care system and a minimum wage of a paltry $7.25 an hour — this, when CEO pay skyrockets 1.332% since Reagan. Meanwhile, worker pay increased a meager 11% with an increase in productivity. It’s an unfair picture, folks!

I condemn the US spreading its military into smaller nations so rich corporations can rape resources of oil, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, tin, cobalt, timber, rubber, lithium, titanium … the list goes on … at slave wages. I deplore corporate farms that treat both the land and animals with cruelty. I think it dangerous farm ownership in America is more and more becoming foreign-owned.

I find it reprehensible our drug war sees 1 in 100 Americans imprisoned, 1 in 55 on probation and 12% of all Americans living with felony convictions. A land that historically has prided itself on liberty, America houses 1/4 of the world prisoners while we represent only five percent of the world’s population. I hate that one of every 25 people we execute is innocent! That prisons and probation departments have become and are becoming privatized is not only pitiful, it threatens our liberty.

I don’t think it fair half of our population must live within a dangerous underground economy where a drug deal, a scratch ticket or winning the monthly meat raffle becomes a best hope. Where, in America, people live doubled or tripled up in order to pay the rent and bills, where nearly two-thirds of our population can not afford a family emergency.

I find it uncomfortable America’s middle class families, on average over $150,000 in debt, have collapsed and that debt relegates them into a fear of losing standing and meaning in life. Where the difficulties of raising a family become so enormous the well-being of children suffer as a consequence. One has to ask: What is it like for a child to be raised with little or no hope for a future?

Frankly, when it comes to politics, I’d prefer a political choice better than Pepsi or Coke! My gut tells me something is terribly wrong when members of Congress continuously achieve a 20% favorability rating or lower, but also sport reelection rates of 95%. I also ask: Do you think something is wrong when only five conglomerate corporations own 90% of all media in America?

Capitalism has two strategies: 1) Reluctant or not, with no choice, you take your place in the herd. 2) The best way to control people is to make them think they are free, thus they become well-positioned within the herd. Leaders of the herd rule! The 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy is recommended reading!


If I am a communist, what are you? And how could you, no matter who or what you are, allow any of the above to happen?

Indeed, the capitalists have priced our planet for the benefit of a few profiteers. The world, its environment and its people suffer as a consequence. There can be no doubt capitalism has surpassed its feeding limit and it must change its behavior.

Fortunately, increases in global communications see a rise in the concept of a multipolarity of nations overcoming what’s traditionally been rule by the US as a unipolar hegemon, or rule of the bipolar powers of the US and Soviet Union. A new day of racial and economic awareness, new terms of trade and commerce, is now budding on the horizon. China’s Belt Road Initiative and the growth and inclusion of BRICS nations provide telltale signs.

As citizens of America it’s important that we outright reject the policies of the neghead Republicans. It’s equally important we do our earnest to prevent Democrats from becoming like Republicans. There should be no reason at all why neocons line up behind Democrats as they have done for Obama’s wars, Clinton’s campaign or Biden’s current government. That these chameleon-like GOPwingers even exist is telling. Trumpism on the other side makes matters even worse!

After three GOPwinger presidential administrations brought on The Great Depression, Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt responded with enactment of The New Deal which gave rise to The American Dream. Democrats John F. Kennedy, followed by the presidential campaign of his brother Robert F. Kennedy, later wanted to expand that Dream to include communities of color — but both Kennedys were assassinated, along with Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Fred Hampton among others.

Severe oligarchy has ruled America ever since and the obliteration of the middle class is near-complete. If there are no FDR and JFK-like Democrats then there is no Democratic Party at all. With all of your heart and soul, support the far political left of America, not neoliberalism which teams with the neocons to keep the condition of oligarchy!



Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!