Political Operatives Gamed Iowa, Now Gaming NH & Beyond

— Setting the table to deprive Bernie Sanders of a win in his battle against billionaires

Iowa Gamed

The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP), in concert with the national DNC, utilized a new voting reporting App which made it more convenient to muck up the reporting system, thus providing more insider control over the reporting of the votes and delegate allocation.

The IDP/DNC refused to release any results on voting night and performed a slow drip of releasing voting results over the next four days always showing, with much media fanfare, Buttigieg thinly in the state delegate lead, this while downplaying the two popular votes which Bernie won. When it appeared Sanders was close to taking the delegate lead, DNC chair Tom Perez stepped in and called for a re-canvassing of the results. Problem is, Perez doesn’t have the power to do this, but his announcement absorbed media real estate away from Sanders’ strength at the end.

Multiple independent sources, including precinct captains, caucus organizers, monitors from the candidates, etc. have proven IDP’s final results as outright wrongful. However, the state chair announced it would not change any of the results and will certify the election anyway.

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk quotes Trip Gabriel of the New York Times and various election experts on the quality of the release of the Iowa Caucus vote count and delegate allocation:

An election expert analyzes Iowa’s discrepancies:

When all was said and done, the system was gamed to show Buttigieg as the Iowa winner going into the New Hampshire primary. Using different slight of hand tactics, Iowa also did this with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Who The Hell is Pete Buttigieg?

In essence, Buttigieg is only a short distance runner.

Clinton DNC-controlled Political Operatives

It appears the high-paid political operatives, tools of oligarchy, will attempt the following in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina leading into Super Tuesday:

With Biden now effectively perceived as baggage, they’re using Buttigieg to edge him out. This opens the door nationally for either Tom Steyer or Mike Bloomberg, for one of them to become the new Biden. This plan is in effect for the long haul. Remember, they’re billionaires and the non-Bernie DNC needs money.

The sharper alternative, however, is to use the Buttigieg’s youthful boy scout/apple pie image not only to edge out Biden but also to clandestinely boost Amy Klobachur. You see, they’ve already pegged Buttigieg as the Iowa winner and the media is glorifying him as close to winning, if not winning, New Hampshire. Thus, based on the NH results, the media will announce a new political star has been born, even though birthing from only two predominantly white-populated states.

But, to the political operatives, anything that detracts from momentum for Bernie Sanders is a victory and a feather to their caps.

“Hail Buttigieg!”

But still, however, “Ain’t Amy nice!” Truth be told, she’s anything but nice. But that’s another story.

Meanwhile, the faltering Warren — more a party loyalist than a progressive — will see much of her support drifting not to Sanders but to Klobachur. Have you yet noticed the Marvel Female Villain Team-Up Warren and Klobachur have been pulling off lately? Warren will show a poor NH finish and Klobachur will finish better than expected, the beginning of her rise into the national spotlight. After NH, move over Buttigieg!

On a parallel track, in order to attempt to dilute the Sanders progressive votes, Warren will continue sticking around until Massachusetts has its election on Super Tuesday. She’s always been a bad bishop in this presidential chess game!

Nevada has a strong Latino population attracted to the advocacy and policy of Bernie Sanders. It’s likely, in Nevada’s caucus, Buttigieg will begin to see his nova go dim. Liz Warren’s poor NH results will enhance Klobachur in Nevada where she’ll get the bulk of Warren’s support. Overall, Bernie should be still strong enough to win a close one. But Amy will become the new media sensation.

In South Carolina, Buttigieg will be dead in the water — unless he selects a black VP (Kama Harris, Stacy Abrams, Val Demmings?) ahead of the vote. Bernie, and perhaps Steyer, will draw upon Biden’s past black voter support. Sanders should win South Carolina. However, there’s an outside possibility Steyer could buy himself an upset victory. But the South Carolina surprise will be the new strong female candidate, Klobachur who’ll get most of Warren and Buttigieg’s support.

Super Tuesday

Throughout Super Tuesday and beyond, Sanders, Steyer, Bloomberg and Klobachur will collect the delegates nationwide with neither having enough to win on a 1st ballot. The objective of the political operatives is to keep it close enough to that the insider favorites of oligarchy, the super delegates, can decide upon the nominee.

My Best Hope

So what is Trump’s strategy?

The reason why Sanders always leads Trump in the head-to-head match-ups, in both 2016 and 2020, is due to the appeal Sanders holds with Independent voters. Only a strong voter turnout that brings on board Independents and new voters will enable Democrats to capture both the White House and very crucial down ballot elections. Bernie not only wins the White House, but the US Senate as well.

Vote for Bernie, get rid of Trump and give America a fresh start.

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