Party Insiders vs. 2020 People’s Choice — Crystal Ball Predictions

The American flag backdrop in the Schumer-Pelosi photo tells me Democrats must somehow have hired Karl Rove as their new chief strategist. If you think about it, you never saw George Bush or Dick Cheney not in front of American flags! As a side note, the tactics of Hillary Clinton’s whole 2016 campaign, in fact, reeked of Rove-like influences.

So here we go again as a flagged-out Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi appear Norman Rockwell-like as angry parents in their video response to Trump’s remarks on the wall and government shutdown. The Schumer-Pelosi imagery was so absurd their very important message became lost and clouded.

Democrat tacticians have lost it. Winning, image and appealing to a donor base seem more important than the hard-hitting principles on issues Bernie Sanders has solidly delivered into the public’s consciousness: Minorities and Millennials take note!

It seems Schumer and Pelosi have developed a fetish for white suburban Republicans to become Democrats. They appear as though they operate in a belief they can create a whole new super moderate party by manufacturing and squeezing a body politic between the hemorrhoidal Trumplestiltskins and frustrated, determined and agitated Bernie Sanders-like progressives.

It’s almost like their subliminal message has become: “We know how much you miss the old Republican Party, how it was before Trump took over. Therefore, you are welcome to join our moderate voices within the Democratic Party.”

We Don’t Need or Want a Factory Rebuilt Politician!

Remember the recent Mark Penn opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, where he wrote Hillary Clinton should rebrand herself as a “firebrand progressive” and run again because she’d win? These political operatives could care less about truth and issues or actual needs of people. They think they can make or reshape a politician to fit the flavor of the day and it’ll work because super money is there to support such a candidacy.

Well, that was Old America … this is New America! Point blank? The New America is sick of insider same-old politicians!

Social media has been around long enough for folks to realize Congress holds a 15–20% approval rating but a 95% re-election rate. The perpetual wars, the wealth inequality, busted-up labor unions, degradations in health care, the destruction of our environment and an increasing underground of society resultant from a cruel drug war, and more, tell us we need and want true outsider leadership in our government. Same-oldism hasn’t worked!

Sickened from 12 years of Reagan-Bush, eight years of Clinton-Gore and eight years of Bush-Cheney the electorate wanted to elect an outsider in 2008. Barack Obama campaigned and promised he’d be that leader. But, once elected, he appointed a CitiGroup presidential cabinet and his judicial appointments favored corporations over people. He bailed out big banks, made the Bush-Cheney tax cuts permanent, turned America into an oil exporter, went to war in Libya and Syria (seven nations in all) and prosecuted whistleblowers left and right.

The People’s Choice!

Again, in 2016, the electorate wanted an outsider. Bernie Sanders, after a 30-year career in Congress as an elected-Independent was it.

Sanders was who the people wanted to elect. He overwhelmingly won every internet straw poll (80% of adults use Internet) and he filled major league sports stadiums and civic centers all throughout the nation, including the deep south and the rust belt. He drew seven of every 10 Independent voters who comprised over 40% of the electorate and he clobbered every prospective Republican opponent in the polls, always leading Trump by double digits.

But the “fix” was in for Clinton and he was denied the Democratic nomination. That left Trump as a Republican masquerading as an outsider because he’d never held elective office before. Trump, the so-called outsider who promised to drain the swamp” (a very outsider thing to do) was sadly elected.

Few people realize had Clinton won in 2016 and been re-elected in 2020 America would have seen a Bush or a Clinton at the top of 10 of 11 presidential administrations. Clinton, as secretary of state during Obama’s first term, served as a great point person for international corporate exploitation.

This same corporate exploitation continues and Trump — no outsider at all — is every bit subservient to the billionaire bidding of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project. Despite the distractions surrounding his presidency billionaires are doing very well. Trump, although rough around the edges, was the oligarch back-up quarterback in the 2016 Anybody But Bernie Sanders Presidential Election. In both the Obama and Trump administrations 85 to 95% of all new wealth created in America has gone to the fat cats at the top!

Who Fools Who in America’s Good Cop vs. Bad Cop Economic Scenario?

Do not be fooled! Like in The Wizard of Oz there are political operatives behind the curtain and the devices of politics are at their control. They are the lobbyist/consultant class whose members sport six and seven-digit salaries and they operate on behalf of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project of which the corporate media is a part. These operatives control the re-election campaigns of nearly all national politicians.

The 2020 Democratic Primary

The Karl Rove-like game planners for the Democrats have the following plan:

First, the superdelegates will move as a herd, both in action and with early public statements/endorsements.

Second, using deep-deep media connections, downgrade in every way conceivable the Bernie Sanders candidacy.

Third, there will become a loud rucus within the party to deny Sanders a place on the Democratic ballot unless he publicly forsakes his Independent status. This decision rests solely within the power of DNC chairman, Tom Perez.

Fourth, muddy the waters by flooding the Democratic primary with seemingly younger than Sanders progressive politicians like Warren, Harris, Booker, et. al. In Beto’s case they’ve been rebranding him from his moderate voting record into that of a young Kennedyesque image of great appeal. The leadership of the party is hellbent and determined to dilute as many Sanders votes as possible.

Fifth, hoping the early voting will produce no clear cut favorite, the door will then open for the centrist savior Democrat — Biden or perhaps Clinton again (phew!) — to enter the race and steal the thunder, this with a promise one of the younger faux progressive aspirants will be rewarded with either the VP nod or a high cabinet appointment, i.e., a stepping stone to keep their future presidential hopes alive.

Of course, everybody playing this game will ultimately become rewarded by becoming a better millionaire. After all, everybody knows the Clintons went from being middle-upper class to garnishing a wealth factor of 200 million dollars from their careers in public service.

The 2020 GOPwinger Primary

The GOP after decades of playing with evil finally cinched their deal with the devil by creating Donald Trump. If Trump survives his first term and is clean enough to run for a second, there will be no significant primary challenge to him and he will continue to rule GOPwingerism and Mike Pence will continue to play the Charlie Daniels ‘Deal With The Devil’ second fiddle.

I don’t think RussiaGate holds any substance to take Trump down. I’ve been suspect about this ever since the Russian narrative was dreamed up in the Clinton Campaign back room. But Trump’s modside connections, his numerous dirty business deals (will his IRS statements ever come through?) and soiled and dirty linen could cause him to lose the respect of the nation, perhaps his presidency. So we might not see Trump in 2020.

Should this happen, Pence will make the standard bearer claim. Kasich, Walker, Cruz and many of the previous GOPwinger horses will likely again enter the fray. Maybe even another Bush will jump in. Nonetheless, neither will hold the charisma and influence needed to become president. But there is one potential candidate who could jump in and take the whole kit and kaboodle: former South Carolina GOP congressman, Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy is a threat. Repeat: Gowdy is a threat! Gowdy automatically will be able to claim outsider status because he boastfully condemned politics as it is played, quit Congress and made his decision well before the so-called “Blue Wave” was heydayed. Gowdy also happens to be an extraordinary orator. The guy can think on his feet, is able to deliver a great speech (even if you don’t believe what he’s saying) and he’d be the best of all possible GOPwinger debaters. Perhaps the only master debater among the whole sorry lot of ‘em!

Gowdy first came into the public eye when he chaired the Benghazi hearings. From those hearings Hillary Clinton held her own and did well getting past them, even making it seem like Gowdy was barking up the wrong tree.

Turns out he was. But not for the reasons Clinton was alleging. Gowdy barked up the wrong tree because it was later discovered Benghazi was in fact a CIA outpost, not a US embassy consulate. Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh later exposed how the outpost served as a staging area for the ratline of Gaddafi’s Libyan weaponry smuggled out of Libya through Turkey into Syria, ultimately arming Al Qaeda/ISIS. In presidential politics, Gowdy could present a coup-fourré.

Anyway, with Trump out, look for Gowdy in as he’d become the GOPwingers best card for 2020. Odds are, however, Trump will still be in as it’s very hard to get a president out of office. The best bet, as always, is to vote ’em out of office!


Democrats need to present their best candidate. That candidate is Bernie Sanders. Despite all odds against him in 2016 he still managed to pull off a highly respectable campaign and while also condemning big money in politics. He proved he is willing to take on the system, an attribute which voters not only appreciate but genuinely want.

As noted from the chart above, political control in America has been right wing politics ever since JFK was shot. The last good Democrat was George Mcgovern. But party leaders, under the Clinton stewardship, abandoned the workers and moved the party into more of an appeal to Wall Street. Obama, in effect, became a caretaker president in wait for the next line of Bush-Clinton.

Trump, at least, put a stop to this. But Trump is not a true outsider like Sanders. In American politics money traditionally pulls the puppet strings. This is why the campaign of Bernie Sanders will always remain a needed breath of fresh air!

Be wise and build a united front now behind the only honest, wise and genuine political candidate: Bernie Sanders!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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