Origin and Spread of Covid-19

— Animal or Lab-Made? GOPwinger Spread?


What a long, complicated read!

I like the part where there was reference to “humanized mice” — lol! “Are we mice or are we men?” Is each species contingent upon the other? Does Donald Trump act as an irritant mouse roaring so strongly all he does is obfuscate the good works of science?

Anyway, lots of wonder!

Below, are some scattered thoughts relative to the Independent Science News reporting referenced above. All of it frightening, to say the least!

Forget not Ralph Nader, way back during his earlier presidential candidacies, warned about the potential for pandemic outbreaks and how America was ill-prepared and traveling wrongfully down paths of research. Of course, a sensible society would have elected Nader. Unfortunately, however, we’re beholden to pedigreed-type politicians and the money behind them. Intellectuals rarely achieve any standing in US politics.

In the 1990s I read a book named The Hot Zone. It was about how deadly Marburg and Ebola-like diseases potentially could escape — or actually did escape — from P-4 laboratories, and the potential consequences for humanity. What’s the all-time famous bubba line? “A-yuh!” Back then Kurt Vonnegut was still reminding us … “and so it goes!” And so it went: The continuing development and mass location of exceedingly dangerous P-4 laboratories.

America has many such labs scattered throughout the world, several located in ex-Soviet bloc nations. What on earth are we, America, up to? Are we willing participants in shameful research whereby disease has potential to become a military weapon? How does this compare to Trump bowing out of all the essential nuclear treaties, his deregulatory policies or his scuttling of our National Security Council’s first line of defense: the Pandemic Response Unit?

America, indeed, has become the Unipolar Bully of All-Time, using military might only to save a few dimes for oligarchy!

Remember when the great Anthrax scares hit, leading to widespread paranoia, threats, deaths and arrests? All of this happened under the cover of political intrigue and media sensation. This was when we Americans lived under daily terror code alerts that were broadcast on nightly news. Indeed, we were falsely led to believe that Saddam Hussein was on the move with WMD!

I guess we should reasonably conclude the quality of research becomes contingent upon the quality of the researcher, thus begging such questions:

  • What happens when mental illness sets into an individual who has predominantly spent their entire adult life in the confines of a laboratory?
  • What happens if they become overworked, prejudiced or careless?
  • What happens when the line gets crossed between medical research and military research?
  • More troubling, what happens when a deadly pathogen gets loose or escapes, knowingly or unknowingly?

Think of a silent (S-B-D) fart on a crowded subway. Compare the reactive blame that becomes shared in the absence of a quality admission? What becomes a proper response? Does one blame the one with the weirder of all the weird looks on the faces among those fart-afflicted? Or does blame become assigned to the one acting normally, as though no fart occurred? Ah, life on the crowded subway: a sneeze, a cough or the sweat … wear a mask! “… And so it goes!”

Next, factor in someone like a virulent Donald Trump egotistically bumbling along marking political points, making allegations against an advantageous or deflective political enemy: “China did it,” Trump says: “The China Virus!” Of course, Trump’s allegation leaves out the fact both the US and China were funding and sharing similar research into the same deadly Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Again, we imagine the innocent one on the subway, rightfully or wrongfully absorbing all the blame!

So easily are we able to get beyond the boundaries of science to where we contest only that which exists within the realm of unqualified blame, prerequisites of sound science and analysis passed off and no longer considered!

In the Independent Science News reporting, here is what’s most plaguing: Sars-CoV-2. is “a highly adapted human pathogen.” Who the hell wants this hanging around anywhere, and why would anyone create something like it in the first place? Isn’t government supposed to exist in order to help people; not to kill people?

Humanity should never confuse or cross the line when it comes to Medical Research vs. Weapons Research! Perhaps the only valid response to the Covid-19 crisis is to remind ourselves we really do need to begin electing politicians who are more like Ralph Nader … if it’s not too late!

Rock n’ Roll Unmasked

Additional Reading

WHO and Lancet Investigations:

Detected in Spanish Sewage Samples Collected in March 2019:

Present in Italy in December 2019:

Detected in US Blood Samples in December 2019:



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