OPUs = Oligarch Protection Units

What better way to hate Russia than to follow the dictates of a sharp US or UK public relations firm! Well, perhaps a better way is to pretend you’re in an alien movie!

After all, like the media, public relations firms have also consolidated into monster ownership entities. In America today it’s an especially great time for an exorbitantly high-priced consultant or public relations specialist. The Ukrainian war is dead on. Lots of money’s in the funnel!

How’s it work?

Check out how Hills & Knowlton made out when the elder President Bush needed to convince everybody Saddam Hussein was ripping babies off of incubators. ‘Think how those who pushed WMD, aluminum tubes, yellow cake, mobile biolabs, al Qaeda and Curveball raked in big-time dollars during Bush-Cheney war years.

Find out who made top PR dollars when Libyan president Qaddafi supposedly fed Viagra to his soldiers, or the night when Twitter saw a zombie-like focus of dying people sending out their last desperate ‘I’m gonna die’ tweets. All of this suddenly appeared in one night. It was when Syria’s huge city of Aleppo was falling back into Syrian control.

Now you can sort of guess why ISIS put flags on Toyotas!

Public relations committed to the business of war is as apple pie as America’s very own Defense Department. Dialing in blue and gold dollars today on behalf of Ukraine is no different! If you don’t believe me, go out and ask an honest to goodness, down-home all-American sexist and semitic Bernie Bro! According to Hillary’s publicists, they were everywhere!

Let’s look at how public relations has actually unraveled the Democrats:

One would think, simply based on issues, Democrats would have something in common with Russian policy, especially since Russia, on the domestic front, offers childcare and family leave whereas America does not. Regarding foreign policy? There once a time when Democrats hated that America had 800 military bases positioned around the world. Does your perspective improve when you discover Russia has less than a dozen and they are located near its borders?

Despite chess players in cafes, all-night discos, punk rock bands and frequent music festivals in Moscow and other major Russian cities, does it make sense to ask the following question against the prevailing tide of American-induced opinion that Russia is rightwing?

The question should be: Is Russia too far left for America?

America can’t handle its own leftwing with any sense of respect. These days no lefty ever gets to go on Sunday morning national television and ask: Are the chairs of America’s congressional committees too well entrenched and does this prevent our nation from progressively addressing the needs of working people?

Hey, prized Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh can’t even get published in America, and it’s not a matter that Noam Chomsky’s beard has gotten too long or that he’s too old for primetime news television. They’re both lefties who are shut out. Others too!

As much as I despise the likes of Alex Jones, I knew it was The Left that was in trouble when they censored the rightwinger Jones. Why? Because way left progressives have been been locked out of the hardcore capitalist system for almost all of the past 100 years, beginning with the three GOPwinger presidents who brought us The Great Depression. Lefties hold no standing in America.

It’s almost like they are Nazis, but they are the complete opposite!

Out of 18 presidents in 100 years, only two were progressives (FDR & JFK). Except for Carter, a moderate, the others — Democrat or Republican — were all center-right/rightwing. I vehemently argued with my liberal friends who thought Jones got the banishment he deserved. I argued banning him was a huge mistake and that The Left, which has considerably less power in the system, would mostly suffer as a result. This is proving true!

Oligarch Protection Units (OPUs)

OPU neoliberal Clinton-Obama -Biden Democrats, backed by OPU neocon Bush-Cheney Republicans, currently hold America’s reign of power. True lefties have no say!

They control the presidency and its executive, diplomatic and judicial branches and they control US House and Senate majorities. The OPUs chair all of America’s powerful legislative committees.

When it comes to wealth and power, it doesn’t matter which political party rules as both are dedicated to America’s oligarchy. Unlike in Russia, where Putin booted out the bad oligarchs, in America the oligarchs simply shift the cycles of governance. They switch roles. Unless you are hearing words out of the mouth of Bernie Sanders, in America, there is no such thing as a bad oligarch. They are rarely held accountable.

In the good cop/bad cop scheme of things the kinder, gentler Democrats are perceived as the good cops and hardcore ruthless GOPwingers are considered very bad cops. When Republicans use foreign and domestic policy to severely screw people over, Democrats come prancing in like back-up quarterbacks. This works. Because, in America, it’s secondary nature to root for the back-up quarterback.

That’s why it was the Democrats who repealed Glass-Steagall, deregulated the FCC to enable monopolized media, expanded the drug war, introduced profiteering private prison systems, codified Bush’s millionaire tax cuts, greased palms of the prescription drug industry, and secured the repressive Patriot Act.

With Democrats we only got Romney Care instead of full universal health care. Education still is not free, Americans remain harshly indebted and the minimum wage remains at a paltry $7.25. The best poor folks can do is win a scratch ticket, a meat raffle or do a small drug deal and hope for not getting caught.

The American Dream is gone! One would think Democrats, at least, would like to bring it back. But they won’t given they’re too bogged down on Russiagate and beyond.

Sadly, both political parties keep an easy tempo when it comes to the addictively-rising the defense budget which now hovers around 820 billion dollars. America’s military-industrial complex — now the military-media-industrial complex —has ruled prominently since JFK was shot!

You want my advice? Do not become victimized by America’s wonderful public relations firms who also enjoy widespread institutional support. Zelenski at the Grammys maybe? How’d that happen? Who is pushing who’s buttons?

Learn there is no reliable or dependable pedigree in American politics. It’s all about the money! It would help if you’d, almost always, vote out the incumbents!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle


Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!