Only Soiled Linen & Dirty Laundry Money Will Bring Trump Down — Not Russian Government!


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Ever since former British ambassador Craig Murray stated he had flown to Washington DC to retrieve documents for Wikileaks I’ve never believed the claim that Russians meddled with the 2016 election. But even before Murray, I’ve always believed Donald Trump was vulnerable on money and sex issues. In fact, I knew this when Trump announced and I knew this when he toyed with announcements in the past.

Had America’s five media corporations, which control 90% of all media, reported at all about Murray’s claim I’m sure most Americans would agree with me that Vladmir Putin is not Trump’s weak point. I’ve NEVER believed the Russians hacked the DNC/Podesta documents to help Trump.

I believe the documents were produced as a result of an inside leak, and the reason why that leak happened is because Hillary Clinton political operatives were conducting a Karl Rove-like campaign against Bernie Sanders, while also attempting to boost Donald Trump’s rise out of the 17-candidate pack. There was at least one DEM insider with a conscience. Sadly, he’s likely dead now.

Think. If you worked as an insider for the DNC and supported Bernie Sanders, your disappointment had to have become extremely intense knowing the ways Sanders, as well as the other DEM candidates, were getting screwed. It had to have become even more frustrating to know these same Clinton operatives were simultaneously boosting Trump’s candidacy.

Thus a clear motive for leaking is established, especially when juxtapositioned against Russia holding no motive to support Trump. All things in balance, Putin likely would have preferred a Sanders presidency. Sanders represented the greatest likelihood for constructive change in America, not Trump. The one thing Putin would have wanted from America’s election was a less-aggressive American foreign policy, i.e., no NATO military influences at the Russian borders.

To Putin, Trump was nothing but a carbon copy of the bad Russian oligarchs Putin previously had kicked out of Russia after his predecessor Boris Yeltsin’s corruption. Why would Putin wanna deal with a hothead and unpredictable jerk like Trump? Why would a chess player like Putin ever become enthused to play against a checker player like Trump — common sense!

A responsible news media would have, could have and should have deeply, not superficially, vetted Trump back before, during and shortly after he announced his candidacy. But it didn’t. Instead, Trump’s campaign got nearly all of the publicity, most of it for free. Clinton got the next most and Sanders got practically none. Unusually, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz also got lots of press. Why?

Mob ties, sex romps and substantial financial irregularities were simply pushed aside or outright ignored when Trump first announced. The press even let him skate when he used a completely fake veterans organization to support his speech aboard the USS Iowa, just ahead of the Iowa Caucus. The Clinton operative objective was to make Trump Clinton’s general election opponent (see Wikileaks “pied piper” releases).

Indeed, the “fix” was in. Bush-Clinton neocon American power was meant to continue. Consider that if Clinton had won and been re-elected in 2020, America would have seen a Bush or a Clinton at the top of 10 of America’s past 11 presidencies. Obama was meant only as a placeholder president, one who still let 95% of the wealth generated in America go to the fatcats at the top. So who would a Clinton presidency help? It would have helped to keep a smooth oligarchy (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy)!

Once it became clear Trump was gonna be the GOP nominee only then did main media become critical of Trump’s campaign. It’s always been my belief that the Democrat opposition research group had the “pussy grab” video from the beginning of the campaign and releasing it just before the general election would become HRC’s ace in the hole to help cover over her own baggage, this with help from the oligarch-controlled media.

So, today, we talk about Russians when the primary issue at the tip of every politician’s tongue should be and must become voter suppression. Incidentally, Trump and The GOPwingers also suppressed the vote, utilizing the Crosscheck voter elimination system in key states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and in well over two-dozen other states (see investigative journalist Greg Palast). In effect, Trump did to Clinton what Clinton did to Sanders!

In conclusion, most likely it’ll be the laundry money that’ll take Trump down, this coupled with with his soiled linen. It doesn’t matter how tall or weighty Trump is, as he is a man of no conscience.

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