Blessed Be Anti-War Politicians For We Need Them To Inherit The Earth!

On March 1, 2003, I wrote the below-referenced post on the Silicon Investor (SI) posting forum, primarily a stock investment site that also features coffee house chat forums where folks share research and write on just about any topic. SI, back then, was a pre-Facebook posting forum and a prelude of what was to come regarding internet communications technology.

Ironically, many of us on SI sneered and downplayed the very first concept of Facebook when it was discussed. After all, we were then among the elite few in the world who were posting internet messaging — lol!

When the below message was posted I was writing under the moniker PartyTime in an anti-war coffee chat forum I created entitled: “DON’T START THE WAR!” Historically, this forum and its sequel “Stop The War!” represents the Internet’s very first anti-war debate.


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3/1/2003 1:18:57 AM

From: PartyTime

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I’m deeply disappointed the Democrats haven’t risen as a united opposition voice to what Bush is doing. At best, Bush has about a 10 percent chance, if that, of success at instituting democracies in the Middle East. And to do this he’s risking a widening of a regional war into other regions of the world, and perhaps even is skirting at the edges, if not an actualization, of a nuclear possibility.

And while the American people have been fed a steady diet of different and inconsistent reasons, lies even, for invading Iraq, the Democrats indeed are bogged down debating who and what should be on the nickel. Maybe they realize they simply can’t control the agenda and are laying in wait for the GOPwingers to trip up.

Still, however, for the sake of goodness in the world the Democrats themselves have to give up politics and put people, not just in this nation, first.


Turns out I was right on the mark! Today, there are no democracies in the Middle East and the oil battles rage on and on and on. I was also correct predicting the war would widen throughout the region, beyond Iraq.

Although a difficult land of people (ca. 60% Shia, 23% Sunni and 15% Kurdish), Iraq under Saddam Hussein was a secular government. It had a Christian vice president, a functional real estate market, a stock market, infrastructure with water and utilities and 60% of those attending university were women. Libya, under Gaddafi, was also a similarly structured secular government and so also Syria. Yemen was always plagued but the US, UK and Saudi Arabia have made it worse.

What’s really tragic about the above post is the state of nationally-elected Democrats is unchanged. Today, there are very few anti-war Democrats!

Anti-War is Pro-Life!

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