Oligarchy Wins/People Lose with Good Cop v. Bad Cop Centrist Politics

It would seem apparent the folks wearing yellow vests in France heard a bit of this very inspiring message from the American veteran speaking below:

In America folks are indoctrinated into believing center-left/center-right politics is where it’s at, that the far right and the far left are the fringes of mainstream thinking. Therefore you should only support groomed and pedigreed politicians presented by political party insiders.

But look deeper. It is, in fact, centrist politics that has brought America into perpetual war; corporate greed and wealth inequality, banks that can’t keep the same name; a continued destruction and degradation of our planet and species; a sick health care system; and a drug war keeping too people living in underground status. In America, one of every 105 citizens are imprisoned and one in 57 are on probation!

Clearly, supporting centrist politics in America essentially means supporting a good cop v. bad cop scenario backed by a monopolized media purposed to protect America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, all within an imprisoning society.

So what do you see when you turn to the far political right?

You get a segment of society living in the past, maintaining a strict constructionist perspective such that everything today must be as everything was then when our nation was founded. You get right wing god-fearing religious zealots who similar to a “Christian Taliban.” They rally on anti-abortion, anti-gay and a supposed perception of wholesome family values and only left-wingers are guilty. You get Second Amendment zealots who think gun rights is all that matters in America.

Worse, you get those who worship the Dollar as God, that capitalism can do no wrong and that in America it’s the right to make money that counts more than anything: Where corporations are legally considered people, and the market is god!

When you pull the right wing elements together, what you get is: ME! That’s right, it’s all about ME AND MY PROPERTY RIGHTS. Nothing is more important than MY rights. Well, imagine being a small kid and they won’t give you the ball — where is the value? Conclusion? Opportunity deprived!

So what do you see when you turn to the far political left?

Let’s look at what progressive leftists have accomplished throughout history in America (see below link). Necessity requires ideas from the left eventually be taken for the good of society. What’s sad, however, is progressive leaders have always been locked out from the power of governing society. We are where we are today due to this. This needs to change — should have changed yesterday!

And this is precisely why Bernie Sanders is important to America!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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