Oh, But For The Marveling Veracity of Liz Warren …

Warren in a hardhat in the Rust Belt will be perceived like Mike Dukakis in a tank!

Some folks think Liz Warren is so nice, she’s so articulate — except when perpetually using the term “so,” giddy-like — and that she espouses such wonderful and amazing progressive platitudes (essentially the echo chamber viewpoints of the lifelong advocacy of Bernie Sanders). But be this as it may, it’s nice to like her and this is especially true if you’re a white highly-educated urban professional who remains loyal to the Democratic party and its pedigreed politicians.

Please, don’t anybody utter the Tripe-E term: Eastern Establishment Elite!

From my conversations on Twitter and Facebook, many Warren supporters — genuinely self-described ‘Vote-Blue-No-Matter-Who’ types — think something is wrong with me for suggesting the demographics supporting Warren’s candidacy won’t win The Rust Belt or Independent voters; that Warren will inspire low voter turnout (which always means a loss for Democrats); and she’ll likely lose to Trump.

Well, that’s okay. I used to play hockey. I know how to take a hit. And it’s not like I can’t successfully predict anything:

It’s not like little ole’ me — sitting at my computer in Hull, Massachusetts — wasn’t wise enough to know there were no WMD in Iraq, no Al Qaeda presence, no mobile chemical laboratories, no yellow cake or aluminum tubing for nukes and there were no Iraq troops stationed at the Saudi border.

But wait a minute — I was that wise young man! I did know all of that!

But all of the nation’s GOPwingers, powerful Democrats like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others, the mainstream media’s talking head pundits and analysts (America’s great minds and thinkers), became hell, bent and determined to push a war that would kill, injure and displace millions of people and create a hornets nest that would ultimately continue plaguing us (and them) today.

Anyway, Back to Liz Warren

Below, is a Twitter tweet showing Liz Warren supporters walking out just before Bernie Sanders is about to speak at the famous multi-candidate Iowa 2019 Steak Fry. A great many of these Democratic ignobles seen abandoning Bernie’s speech are carrying light green balloons, lots of Warren signs and wearing t-shirts reading:

I’m a Warren Democrat.”

Well, all right!

You may recall a similar walk-out tactic was used by Kamala Harris forces against Tulsi Gabbard after Tulsi criticized Harris during an early presidential debate. At that time, Kamala was still fancied and under the donor wing of HRC’s political operatives. They had not yet switched to Warren due to the ineptitude of Harris. But some political operative came up with the genius idea to stage a Harris supporter walk-out, shown below:

Bye-bye Kamala. Be comforted in knowing that Joe Biden, who you once dug your ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who’ teeth into, will be joining you soon.

The Big Blue DNC Bird

Hillary is one wing and Liz is the other wing of The Big Blue DNC Bird. Is it at all beyond irony we got to see the Harris supporter walk-out tactic similarly utilized by Warren supporters?

“I’m a Warren Democrat!”

Okay, for the purposes of not getting into an extraordinary political debate, why don’t we all agree the above tactics are simply marveling [cough-cough]. We’ll also refrain from asking if any of those among the walk-outs were ever truly ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who” advocates.

Meanwhile, who are you doing this viewing? Are you a Democrat who supports some other Democrat candidate who might need become convinced to support Warren? Are you an Independent voter who perhaps now feels slighted or miffed by so many “I’m a Warren Democrat” signs? Or are you a Republican who wishes not to support Trump but don’t wanna get tagged as a “Warren Democrat?”

Clap-clap, let’s all applaud the “I’m a Warren Democrat” strategy? Brilliant [cough-cough!]!

Since we’re on the subject of Independent voters, let’s examine the most important political group that can elect a Democrat, besides the Democratic base of voters. As you review the below link you’ll discover GOPwingers and Democrats switch the party registration lead back and forth, mostly camped in the 25–30% range. How many Independent voters are out there? Do you think any of em really wanna become known as a “Warren Democrat?” I don’t think this, do you?

Let’s Face The Facts! Shall we?

Trump & The GOPwingers, based on the 2016 campaign and based on the current behavior of the DNC political operatives — expanding closed primary states so Independents can’t vote, converting pro-Sanders caucus states into primary states and crowding the field with candidates in order to dilute the vote so Sanders doesn’t run away with the nomination — are planning on a political strategy for 2020 that includes the DNC screwing over Bernie Sanders a second time.

All together now: “Duh!?!”

Democrats, with monopolized main media assistance, wasted the past three years stammering over Russiagate as a distraction from admitting the folly of the 2016 rigged Clinton campaign. Because they were totally attuned to Russiagate, they’ve completely ignored the GOPwingers building and expanding upon the Crosscheck computerized voter elimination system that was in play in 27 GOP-controlled states (including WI, MI and PA) in 2016.

I think I’ve presented enough information. But I’ll close on my insistence that the electorate in 2008, seriously sickened by Bush-Cheney, voted for Barack Obama in a belief he would govern as an outsider. Once in power he governed as an insider enabling 95% of all new wealth created in America to go to the fat cats at the top.

Trump in 2016 masqueraded as an outsider (who ever heard of a billionaire outsider in a capitalist society?), but Clinton was such a terrible insider, Trump won. Clinton was so bad she held no political coat-tails (lost the US House, the US Senate, 33 governor seats and 32 state legislatures). Amazingly, HRC still controls the DNC!

Why did what is described in the above paragraph happen? a) the electorate still wanted an outsider; b) Democrats presented no appeal to Independent voters; c) The Rust Belt was not impressed with Clinton; d) National voter turn-out was low; e) the GOPwinger Crossheck voter elimination system was very effective.

[NOTE: Sadly, Crosscheck went unchallenged by Democrats as leadership choose to promulgate Russiagate as an enormous and intricate cover-up for rigging the 2016 Democratic Primary.]

Who wants Liz Warren to become the Democratic nominee with Hillary Clinton’s political operatives backing her?

Lil’ ole’ me doesn’t!

Actually, I’m pretty old right now and I’m not sure I’ll even be around to write this again in 2024. So please, please, please, please, please, for the sake of your children, get behind the Bernie Sanders Movement and let’s finally change America in a way not seen since JFK was shot! I wouldn’t lie to yers!

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Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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