Oh, But For The Marveling Veracity of Liz Warren …

— Her closeness to HRC, her magnificent teapot and even wearing a hardhat won’t help Warren win The Rust Belt!

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Warren in a hardhat in the Rust Belt will be perceived like Mike Dukakis in a tank!

Anyway, Back to Liz Warren

Below, is a Twitter tweet showing Liz Warren supporters walking out just before Bernie Sanders is about to speak at the famous multi-candidate Iowa 2019 Steak Fry. A great many of these Democratic ignobles seen abandoning Bernie’s speech are carrying light green balloons, lots of Warren signs and wearing t-shirts reading:

The Big Blue DNC Bird

Hillary is one wing and Liz is the other wing of The Big Blue DNC Bird. Is it at all beyond irony we got to see the Harris supporter walk-out tactic similarly utilized by Warren supporters?

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Let’s Face The Facts! Shall we?

Trump & The GOPwingers, based on the 2016 campaign and based on the current behavior of the DNC political operatives — expanding closed primary states so Independents can’t vote, converting pro-Sanders caucus states into primary states and crowding the field with candidates in order to dilute the vote so Sanders doesn’t run away with the nomination — are planning on a political strategy for 2020 that includes the DNC screwing over Bernie Sanders a second time.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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