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Ripley’s Believe It, Or Not — of A Different Kind: Shapeshifters of Money and Politics in America

Craig Murray flew to Wash DC to retrieve documents for Wikileaks — never reported in US media!

An Introductory Head-Scratcher Warm-up:

War, or proxy wars? Why not! It’s well known only a certain few are meant to benefit from the world’s precious mineral resources. Ike Eisenhower and JFK well-cautioned against the military-industrial complex. But this conversation ended after JFK got shot. Nixon-Agnew got the drug war going, Reagan-Bush began attacking labor in favor of privatization and deregulation and Clinton-Gore, Bush-Cheney, Obama-Biden and now Trump-Pence became agents of perfection for the AOEP.

The Occupy Movement, the 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy and America becoming demoted into a “Flawed Democracy” each have become telling. We, the people, should have recognized that once our sports stadiums became high-cost and taxpayer-induced, that game ticket prices skyrocketed out of reach for ordinary Americans and the cost of a beer and a hot dog at a game prohibitive … something was wrong!

Time marched on and the military-industrial complex morphed into a military-industrial-media complex which is now supported by technology: Prisons and probation departments privatized and policing rapidly evolving under the influence of privatized artificial intelligence.

When Democrats abandoned George McGovern they became just like Republicans with the Clintons at the hilt. Indeed, the impeachment of Bill Clinton was a tool of the OPU and served as a shot across the bow. The drug war expanded, Glass-Steagall was repealed to benefit Wall Street and the FCC became so deregulated today five conglomerate corporations control 90% of all media.

We each know how badly hurt America and the world became under Bush-Cheney. Bush, today, has become a somewhat secluded artist, although Joe Biden did recently hang the Liberty Medal around his neck. Cheney, is presently raking in oil money from the Israeli oil drilling operation in the illegally-occupied The Golan Heights, a territory owned by Syria.

Barack Obama campaigned before a very sickened electorate in the aftermath of Bush and Cheney, and he promised he’d be the outsider the electorate wanted. But, once nominated, he appointed Wall Street of Delaware Joe Biden and a City-Group executive cabinet and he promptly proceeded to govern as a Beltway Insider.

Again, the electorate was sickened and it was either multi-million Hillary Clinton or billionaire Donald Trump. The OPU tried for Clinton but the AOEP got Trump. But it worked out as American oligarchs continue as kings and queens of yesteryear!

Meanwhile, the AOEP and the OPU are today all ga-ga over Joe Biden. So long as it is he or Trump and not Bernie Sanders, the AOEP will have won and the OPU, once again, will have done its job.

Below are some real head-scratchers!

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