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One of the talking points emanating from highly-paid political consultants on down to ordinary folks in ham and egg diners on Main Street, USA is: “Don’t criticize your fellow Democrats, let the best candidate win.” We also see this on Facebook and Twitter.

I call it sasipisash. Others less elegant, directly call it bullshit. Let’s call it both!

Politics by nature, requires advocacy and criticism. It’s all about point and counter-point. An election is one of the few times one meaningfully gets to determine who is real, who is fake and who will help and who will not. One doesn’t participate in politics like joining a garden club where only your flowers grow “oh, so nicely!”

It’s not that propaganda hasn’t been around a long time. It assuredly has. Below, is an excellent example. It’s a puff film highlighting what could be described as the settling of the American Dream in the quaint community of Exeter, New Hampshire in the 1940’s. Note the comment at 6:41 in the video (it’s okay to click “show embed” as it’s a YouTube video):

“I can forgive a man for beating his wife, but never for splitting the Republican ticket!”

The very anti-authoritarian Henry David Thoreau made a good point:

If a plant can not live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man!

In 1988, while running for president, Jesse Jackson described a neighborhood where high-priced condos were overtaking a large working class neighborhood. A chain-linked fence had been constructed to divide the wealthy from the poor. At the fence (see photo below), Jackson said:

There are flowers on this side of the fence and there are flowers on that side of the fence. Both hold the power by God’s grace to become beautiful flowers. But the flowers on this side of the fence can not be like the flowers on the other side because they do not have access to the sunshine!

Jesse Jackson at The Fence; I’m Wearing Hat Directly Facing Him

Aside from once popular straight-ticket voting, there was a time when one actually could easily make a decision on a political candidate based on the strength of their respective advocacy relative to domestic and/or foreign policy, this against a general backdrop — long understood since FDR and furthered by JFK — that Republicans were for profits and Democrats were for people.

These days America’s now monopolized media helps to manufacture candidates who’ve been pedigreed and picked by party insiders based on recommendations from six and seven-digit salaried political consultants. It’s become virtually impossible for any candidate to challenge with an outsider viewpoint, and do well in the political process.

In a march of time, Karl Rove and Roger Ailes — both Lee Atwater proteges from the Nixon Administration — changed the strategies of modern politics. Sadly, the Clinton Democrats — with David Brock as party Machiavellian — -parroted their tactics. Racial politics supplanted economic and anti-war politics and the Southern Strategy came into prominence.

The politics of both political parties became ugly with the essential division manifest upon media-accentuated god, gun and gay issues. One became a Democrat or a Republican based on race and the three hot-button issues. Party loyalty was carved out accordingly.

These distracting issues became deflective and enabled virtually all of the wealth of the nation to go into the already deep pockets of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy). Today, both political parties support the oligarchy over the needs of the people — we now live in a duopoly!

Lots of folks do not realize that former CIA director George H.W. Bush was the power behind Ronald Reagan. Fewer folks know had Hillary Clinton won in 2016 and been re-elected in 2020, America would have seen a Bush or a Clinton at the top of 10 of 11 presidential administrations, Barack Obama — with a Wall Street-appointed presidential cabinet — effectively serving as a caretaker, with Clinton his secretary of state during his first term.

Here’s why we should demand the right candidate and not accept the tired and worn lesser of two evils voting strategy. After all, what good is this when one side controls both choices?

We have a backdrop, since JFK-LBJ, of Nixon-Agnew sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks, Reagan-Bush getting Iran to hold back hostages, Bush-Cheney stealing Florida and Trump-Pence (using voter suppression), suppressing the vote to win the most recent election.

In each and every instance prior to Trump, the Democrat came on like a back-up quarterback — Carter for Nixon, Clinton for Bush and Obama for the second Bush. With the exception of Carter, these back-up quarterbacks, like the Republicans, played for Team Oligarchy.

One reason why there’s no much anti-Sanders sentiment among the political elites is Sanders will not play the role of back-up quarterback. He’s ready to come in as a starter calling signals for Team People!

You see, the financial advisers of oligarchs often switch from long to short positions in the market. They make money when it’s going up and they make money when it’s going down. They always hedge their bets! You may have noticed over the past 50 years, with politics, they’ve always succeeded. The oligarchs want control over the Republican nominee and they want control over the Democratic nominee!

They fear Sanders!

Presently, Hillary Clinton, despite her embarrassing loss to Donald Trump, still controls the DNC, the large state party committees and the superdelegates. For the Democrats, Karl Rove-like political manipulation is well in play and the party leadership is functioning well under the wing of the consultants who operate on behalf of the oligarchs.

As a side note: Forget about Russian oligarchs. It is American oligarchs you need worry about!

The American electorate is sickened by insider politics. This is largely why Clinton lost, coupled to Trump masquerading as a political outsider. For the record and for future reference, please understand no billionaire is an “outsider” when it comes to American politics! Both candidates used voter suppression, Clinton by rigging the Democratic Primary and screwing Sanders; and Trump by utilizing the Crosscheck voter elimination system — in play in 27 GOP-controlled states — to screw Clinton.

It’s important to consider Trump’s whole 2020 re-election strategy will be banked on a presumption the DNC will screw over Bernie Sanders — the only true “outsider” — a second time. His strategy will be coupled to very strong counter-attacks relative to the failed, perhaps illegal, Russiagate investigation. With no conscience at all, it’s possible he’ll also make himself a war president since no war president has ever lost re-election in American history — after all, Bush and Cheney did this!

America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project can live with Trump, but hates Sanders. It has dispatched its Oligarch Protection Unit (media and consultants) to bring on the rescue knight for the oligarchy in order to maintain control over who becomes the nominee of each party. Since no young knight seems apparent for the Democrats, it appears they’ll press Obama’s vice president Joe Biden into duty. Oligarchs easily can live with Biden!

So when I’m told on Facebook or Twitter not to criticize the Democratic candidates, how should I respond? Remain silent on my criticism, and instead chime out, “oh, yes, you’re right — look how nice this or that Democrat looks?” With an ‘anybody-but-Sanders’ mindset the consultants already tried ingratiating us with Warren, Harris and O’Rourke. Now they’re pushing Buttilieg hoping he’ll spark and catch on. Most likely — shades of Clinton — it’ll become a destructive Biden v. Sanders race for the Democrats.

The Oligarch Protection Unit has intentionally crowded the Democratic field of candidates hoping to deny Sanders a first ballot nomination. This strategy is contingent on Clinton’s superdelegates coming in to vote on the second ballot for an oligarch-friendly nominee. Fortunately, this is failing as voters know fully well that Bernie Sanders has a strong message and strong appeal, both of which are required to win.

The below chart explains why we should dispel all centrist or slightly left-center Democrats. Decades of recent history show these are the ones who always will placate GOPwingers! The only way to fight GOPwingers is be totally against them!

Bernie is The Only True Antidote to Trump!

Bernie remains unstained from the 2016 race and he has strong appeal to Independent voters. He represents the ONLY chance for Democrats to also win the US Senate, given Democrats are defending 25 US senate seats to only 10 for the GOPwingers. Those Independent voters very much will be needed!

Let’s finally deliver a rousing defeat to America’s oligarchs, both in the primaries and in the general election!



Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!