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Soldiers & Veterans Finally Said No to War … and The Vietnam War Ended!

No to Coup D’etat — War in Venezuela!

It was Active-Duty Soldiers and Vietnam Vets who finally helped put an end to The Vietnam War. GI protest coffee houses and military base anti-war newspapers sprang up everywhere both in America and abroad. Millions of Americans supported the bold actions of our active soldiers and vets as they waged a united front war for peace!

As if the Vietnam War wasn’t bad enough … as if wars in The Stan Region, Middle East and North Africa are not bad enough, the US and Canadian coup d’etat on Venezuela now runs an inflammable risk of combining all of the above wars into one multiple action.

Anyone who doesn’t think, due to the Venezuelan coup d’etat, that guerrilla war and suicide terrorism combined won’t have the potential to spread throughout our hemisphere is, clearly, a bloody fool of the worst kind to humanity!

To prevent this, protest must rise again — in the strongest numbers possible — both in America and beyond! Democrats must now block Trump and his neocon coup attempt on Venezuela.

Democrats, do it now! Why wait till after years of bloodshed before finally taking such a stand! Use your moral compass!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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