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Dictionary result for backfire: back·fire/ˈbakˌfī(ə)r/ — verb

Inside Baseball

Monopolized corporate media and the behavior of the Democratic Party’s leadership, today reminds me of the famous story about the 1919 Chicago Black Sox where the fix was on, called off and then back on again.

As it went, Chicago gamblers bribed several players of the extraordinary heavily-favored-to-win White Sox team, convincing some players to “fix” the World Series against the lesser-performing Cincinnati Reds. Back then it was a nine-game series instead of today’s seven-game series.

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The Indicted: It’s in dispute whether Shoeless Joe Jackson should have been indicted: “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

With the fix on, the White Sox played poorly and became down 4 to 1 (one great Sox pitcher was not in on the fix and won his game). At this point the dirty players hadn’t been paid by the gamblers. Frustrated, they went back to their original excellent playing form and the Sox won games Five and Six, making it a 4 to 3 series. Threats were then aimed at player families, thus The White Sox became The Black Sox, losing the Series 5 to 3 in Game Eight.

So how do America’s media and inside Democratic political operatives compare with the 1919 Chicago Black Sox?

Well, the fix was also on for the 2016 Democratic Primary where Hillary Clinton was to become coronated with the nomination. But Bernie Sanders, despite a media blackout on his candidacy, was able to erase a 60-point Clinton lead and nearly defeated her (some claim he did win) nomination.

Why and how?

In simple terms, voters didn’t want to see two Bushes and two Clintons in four of five presidencies, with Obama serving, in effect, as a placeholder for Clinton. Interestingly, had Clinton defeated Trump in 2016 and won re-election in 2020, America would have seen a Bush or a Clinton at the top of 10 of 11 presidential administrations, given Hillary was Obama’s secretary of state during his first term. Go ahead, do the math!

Both the Clinton Campaign (see Wikileaks exposures) and the ratings-hungry media very much wanted a Clinton v. Trump match-up. Both did everything they could, like the Chicago gamblers, to make it happen.

This explains Bernie’s media blackout and also why none of the more established Republican candidates could gain traction throughout the GOP primary. Prior to and once the candidates announced, Trump got the lionshare of publicity and Clinton got the second most. Surprisingly to knowledgeable observers, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, strangely, also got lots of media exposure.

Wikileaks documents proved Clinton operatives were intent on using the media to create— some would call it “meddling” — “pied piper” GOP candidates. Ultimately, the plan was for Clinton to easily defeat Trump. It’s even on record that Bill Clinton called Trump and encouraged him to run for the presidency, as a Republican.

Below are Wikileaks-released documents showing the Clinton Campaign’s powerful media influence:

Clinton’s past political baggage made her vulnerable against establishment Republicans and she wasn’t doing well against them in the polling. To win, she needed an opponent she could defeat and it was then believed Trump, a tv personality with no elected experience, would be no match for the powerful Hillary political pedigree.

But Things Backfired!

  • Clinton used a private email server, as secretary of state, to hide her communications from the Freedom of Information Act, including classified information, and deleted documents crucial for any investigation.
  • She refused to release her Wall Street speeches where she pulled in $500,000 per speech (her husband did also).
  • She was accused of using her private foundation as a conduit for a “pay to play” scheme where millions of dollars came into her foundation in order to attain a meeting with her as secretary of state.
  • She had to deal with accusations, especially from Bernie supporters, that her campaign rigged the Democratic Primary.
  • Wikileaks gained prominence when it released privileged DNC emails and documents from her campaign chair John Podesta.

We all know what happened. A political imposter masquerading as an outsider — for future reference, there is no billionaire outsider in American politics! — falsely claimed he’d “drain the swamp” in Washington. He went on to become America’s 45th president.

The recipient of nearly five billion in free media publicity, Trump now does what he wants, has put a wrecking ball to needed social and environmental programs in government, has America teetering on the edge of full-scale war in Venezuela and he governs surrounded in corruption while lying his ass off.

Greetings RussiaGate!

Thus, in order to counteract the perfect storm, the RussiaGate narrative came into existence. Democrats and the media have since claimed Russians hacked into the DNC computer and meddled with our election. Not only that, but Russia, helping Trump, has done everything else also.

No doubt, current Hell resident-occupant Joseph McCarthy must be thinking he’s made a spirit-form political comeback in America.

The RussiaGate soup was made using analysis from a tech firm named Crowdstrike (FBI never examined the DNC server) and from a still mysterious anti-Trump dossier produced by political consultant/investigatory firm, Fusion GPS. Both the Crowdstrike reports and the Fusion GPS dossier were paid for by the Clinton Campaign. Nonetheless, the intelligence community either blindly or strategically accepted the findings, and this is how we, the public, have become dosed near-daily with RussiaGate sensationalism.

The above also gave rise to not only congressional investigations but also The Mueller Special Counsel Investigation now over two years old. The Mueller probe possesses the latitude to investigate beyond the parameters of RussiaGate. Below are the results, to date, of the Mueller Investigation:

All Things Russiagate:

Whose Got Tea Leaves?

Regarding Julian Assange of Wikileaks? He’s a life-time pacifist deeply opposed to warmongering and as an investigative journalist he has a sterling reputation for releasing only truthful documents that further transparency in governments. Clinton from hiding her emails and rigging the primary and Trump from hiding his mobside business dealings and sex scandals are nowhere near in the same league of quality as Assange.

The Ultimate Backfire!

All Trump and his political operatives need to push back ferociously and counter-attack against the Democrats is for one or two Democrats to also become indicted from the Mueller investigation. Lots of folks forget Tony Podesta — Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s brother — and former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig have been referred by Mueller to Southern District Court of New York.

Keep in mind there’s gotta be a reason why Tony Podesta suddenly closed his lucrative consulting business and began selling his valuable art collection. What if they, or other Democrats even, also become indicted and this gets coupled to a Mueller determination there was no Russian collusion to influence the 2016 election?

Consider the implications of the below video:

Democrats Have Only One True Defense To Assure 2020 Victory!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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