Nazis Evacuated from the Mariupol Steel Plant

Why is the US and British poodle media —key elements of a Ukrainian proxy war largely waged by high-priced public relations — so kind to Ukraine’s Azov Nazis? There can be no doubt about this: They were not “evacuated” from the Mariupol steel plant. Just like the German Nazis in 1943, they actually surrendered to the Russians under a white flag!

I hope many Americans are more and more realizing we’ve been spoon fed nothing but a line of blue and gold saspisash propaganda ever since back when Russian President Vladimir Putin first showed his Russian army to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, offering to help him get rid of the CIA, Eric Prince Mercenary and Azov Nazi soldier devil mercenaries who were standing on Zelensky’s shoulder yelling war porn into his ear.

Zelenski should have then sided with Putin and offered autonomy — they weren’t even requesting sovereignty — to the two independent republics of Luhansk and Donetsk. Keep in mind before Putin made his move, the Ukrainian Azov Nazis had solidly been artillery shelling the two provinces for eight years showing 14,000 deaths. Effectively, the war already was on!

Zelensky should have also agreed to deNazify what had become an increasing Nazi role in Ukraine’s administrative, police and military government. Finally, he should have, point blank, declared Ukraine would not join NATO.

Had Zelensky taken these easy steps (which were already agreed upon by the previous Minsk Agreements involving France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, but not the US), nobody would be dying, living with wounds or would need to become evacuated from anywhere. There’d be no war refugees. And neither would the US or British media have to embarrass themselves by unobjectively writing and reporting about a one sidedly-described war.

The poorest nation in Europe, what Ukraine desperately needed was human assistance, not US-NATO geopolitical military assistance. Keep your reasonable mind ahead of you and consider that Russia originally held no objections to Ukraine joining the European Union. But it was the historically very aggressive nature of the NATO beast — as seen by military movements against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yugoslavia — that made Ukraine joining NATO a very threatening beast-like move. Historically, Russia, with many nations at its border, has every logical reason to fear NATO, the nuclear-armed border-encroaching beast!



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