My Take on Liz Warren’s Entry!

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The Media — ignoring the fact Clinton defeated Obama in NH — described Bernie’s smashing defeat of Clinton in NH as only “Home Field Advantage.”

Warren has little to no chance of winning the nomination and I believe she is running in order to dilute the so-called “Home Field Advantage” of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders (google “Bernie wins NH primary” and note how often this is mentioned). That’s how the media excused and described Sander’s 60% to 38% shellacking defeat of Clinton in the 2016 NH Primary, even though Clinton had defeated Obama in 2008 NH Primary.

I believe Warren is a Clinton/Inside Beltway/DNC shill. She’s running more to get the VP position or an inevitable cabinet position, certainly to pander to the party operatives. The question becomes: Would Charlie Baker, a GOP governor in Democratic Massachusetts assure his gubernatorial longevity by appointing the young Joe Kennedy to fill her senate seat? It’s possible. If not, Warren will have to wait for her guaranteed cabinet position.

Yes, Warren gave a pretty good announcement speech. But mostly she parroted what Bernie already established in 2016 and beyond. Any lawyer with academic experience can spend time watching Jesse Jackson/Bernie Sanders speeches and come out with good content for speech delivery to an audience hungry for same.

Pretty much, except for only a couple issues such as consumer protection, Warren tactically has been an insider go-along participant rather than a leader substantively in the forefront with a dedicated following. I fear her job today is to sound as much as possible like Bernie Sanders in order to steal votes, particularly among women, that Sanders would otherwise receive in the NH primary. Forget not that Warren, from Massachusetts, also has “Home Field Advantage” in New Hampshire.

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Had Warren endorsed Sanders in the 2016 Mass Primary, Bernie would have won!

I think when most of the name-recognition herd bows out after the NH primary, Biden will then jump in. Kamala Harris (possibly Eric Holder) will stay in the race and, like Warren with NH, they’ll attempt to dilute the strong gains Sanders has made the past two and a half years with black voters in the South.

In 2016, the DNC — controlled by Clinton operatives — front-loaded the scheduling of all of the southern primary states to just after the Iowa, NH and Nevada contests. Most minority voters in the South had no clue who Sanders was when they cast their ballots early in the primaries. This was due to the widespread media blackout of Sanders coverage during the early primary season. Bernie only got true national exposure after he trounced Clinton in NH. Check out the below July 2017 stats on minority support for Sanders!

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I think the elite Democratic donor objective (power brokers) is to create a deadlocked convention on the first ballot. This enables party insiders (super-delegates) to pick the nominee on the second ballot. It could be Biden or Clinton, certainly someone committed to keeping America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP) intact.

The AOEP always wins with the GOPwinger presidential candidate, yes, even with billionaire fake swamp-drainer Trump! Their electoral objective — call it a trick! — is to make sure the Democratic nominee also is susceptible to becoming a well strung puppet like the GOPwinger! It’s good cop (D) and bad cop (R) all the way!

Can you now imagine the friendly media makeover of Clinton? The media would easily convert her into the most determined firebrand candidate of all time. She’d become, like her husband once was in ‘92, the second Clinton “Comeback Kid.” The media will conjure up an “I Wuz’ Robbed/I Beat Trump” Hillary Clinton — again claiming she should become the first female president!

Think of Clinton v. Trump as heavyweight title fights — great for media advertising dollars!

Me? I’m with Bernie and Tulsi. Only they can substantially guarantee the changes our nation desperately needs and requires. The American electorate still wants an outsider, not an insider. Both Sanders and Gabbard has passed muster and scrutiny on the outsider test, and they have done so with dignity!

Finally, Liz Warren, in the battlefield trenches, is not much of an ally at all — except her new Bernie-like speeches — when it comes to changing the horror described below:

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It’s been like this since JFK was shot!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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