My May 18, 2017 Facebook Memory Predicting Mueller Will Find Nothing

How much legal immunity did these two have to dish out in order to achieve their desired results?

On May 17, 2017 America’s media reported Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Prosecutor to oversee the Trump-Russia investigation. On May 18th I wrote the following:

Michael Weddle updated his status … May 18, 2017 at 3:23 AM

So everybody’s happy with a special prosecutor as the cure-all. Count me in with all hope for getting rid of Trump. But I also know Mike Pence has a stiff history — you should too! Hopefully, the special prosecutor will look at Pence just as deeply. But probably not.

Ironically, after Bernie got stiffed by the established Democrats, the much-dreaded Hillary Clinton was the best vote. Only because she wouldn’t have lasted as long in the presidency as has Trump. She was way easier to impeach coupled with the special bonus that we never would have seen Trump make the presidential scene.

So we could have had Tim Kaine instead of Pence … but very few, many for understandable reasons, could not think to vote like this. The conditioning was, forgive my inelegance, all fucked up because the system was and is all fucked up!

Today, everybody … yes, everybody … except the oligarchs and their bought pet politicians, would have adorned Bernie Sanders as the 45th president! The corporations and very wealthy would have been sadder, but the people would have become so much happier. Folks would live in the hope for a future!

Meanwhile, please do enjoy the special prosecution but don’t be surprised if no cure is found. Our best hope is Trump gets a doctor’s note and resigns the presidency and then Pence becomes the one who gets impeached from the special prosecution.

A special commission, instead of a special prosecutor, could have got them both out and perhaps even called for a whole new election. Remember, sometimes things happen for the very first time. Politics is no different.

Anyway, the special prosecutor Robert Mueller hails most recently from GOPwinger Attorney General Dick Thornborg, then as the FBI guy for Bush and Cheney. He was heldover as the FBI guy when Obama won and let Citigroup pick his cabinet. After his career with the FBI he went on to luxurious law firms (what else is new?).

Me? I see the hearings complicated and drawn out as a backdrop to a military “incursion” — as the press will describe it — into Eastern Syria. The 2018 GOPwingers will feel their oats for re-election and Trump will ride merrily along as a “war president.” Doesn’t matter how many people die or if justice is served, money can still be made!

May 18, 2019 Update:

Democratic leadership continues to push Russiagate based on circumstantial evidence even though the now-released Mueller Report has found no electioneering evidence connecting Trump to Russia. A few folks got indicted on non-related matters and some Russians also were indicted, seemingly more to help justify the enormous cost of the investigation. This could be construed as more publicity indictments since only one of those indicted is actually putting up a legal challenge requesting discovery from Mueller in the court.

Regarding that challenge? The Mueller team appears miffed, as if it was not expecting a legal challenge and doesn’t quite know what to do as the matter now weaves its way throughout the court system. Come what may! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, establishment main media continues to report Russians hacked the DNC and provided Wikileaks with documents, this when the only existing evidence for such a claim comes from a DNC-hired tech firm, Crowdstrike, which alleges a Russian hacking. The FBI never forensically examined the DNC’s computers so it doesn’t know. The more credible forensic evidence, conducted by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), and others, points to the the fact Wikileaks got its information from a leak onto a thumb drive, and not from a hack.

Now Trump and his political operatives will ride an unnecessarily-gifted counter-attack against Democrats into the 2020 presidential election. What’s truly ironic about all of this is the fact that Vladimir Putin is a better Democrat than Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Joe Biden! Don’t believe me? Read Putin’s last two state of the union speeches relative to domestic policy!

So the beat goes on and tomorrow we shall see even more Facebook Memories! I suspect that one of them will be that The Mueller Report was made “for the good of the government” and the once-free press will report accordingly.

In closing, I hope everyone enjoys their special persecution! I sure wish we could get past the fix and elect Bernie Sanders in order to put this misery behind us. But, most likely, the DNC will screw Bernie again and Trump’s political operatives already have this factored in and are planning accordingly. All Democrats need to pay attention to what’s below:

Let’s stop this and elect Bernie Sanders in 2020!



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