Mueller & The Indicted Russians

One Russian Company Challenges Indictment

Michael Weddle
2 min readApr 21, 2019

Although not widely reported, under the oddly-quilted and clearly stained covers of Russiagate, is the real fact that one of the three Mueller-indicted Russian corporations is actually fighting the indictment and is seeking legal discovery from Mueller’s Team in the Federal Court.

It has become problematic that the once happy to indict Mueller, who did so with lots of media fanfare, doesn’t appear quite as happy to provide the required information rightfully requested by the defense for a successful legal discovery process.

This leads to two questions:

1) Was Mueller’s indictment of the Russians more for public relations purposes and helping to fuel the Russiagate narrative?

2) Does Mueller actually have the meat required to support his indictments of the Russians and is his team capable of delivering a conviction?

Meanwhile, the copy information provided in The Mueller Report relative to Wikileaks appears like its lifted directly from the previous Russian indictments. The only twist of difference is Mueller now accuses Wikileaks of using Seth Rich as a diversion to cover over Russia’s supposed role in the famously-proclaimed but vigorously-disputed DNC hack.

But this new twist is rather odd given Mueller never requested interviews or any information from Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange, former British ambassador Craig Murray (who claimed to have flown to Washington DC to retrieve documents he says he provided Assange) or internet mogul Kim Dotcom who claims to have been in direct contact with Seth Rich prior to release of the DNC documents.

Isn’t that odd!

Anyway, for your reading edification, below is some practical reporting on the ins and outs of RussiaGate:

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