>>> Ms. Clinton won 16,914,722 votes in the primaries; Mr. Sanders won 13,206,428 votes. Is it your position that the candidate gaining fewer votes should win the primary?<<<

The 2016 Democratic primary was rigged for Clinton in sensational ways. I think the only folks who do not believe this are Beltway insider consultant types who are oligarch-friendly, political operatives of the utmost insincere degree or hardcore Clinton enthusiasts. I suspect very few are innocent although I will concede there could be a few.

The votes you cite do not include the caucus states where Bernie won almost all of them. They do not count the provisional ballots which were not counted or the votes of those who were scrubbed from the voting rolls — you think this happened only in Brooklyn? When you reduce voting locations by nearly half, like was done in Arizona is it any irony those polling locations were in areas Bernie-friendly?

Hey, it took Clinton winning six coin tosses in a row to break Iowa’s tie and a suspect voice vote change of the rules to eliminate the second phase of Nevada’s voting system for Clinton to win that tie. Is it any wonder the Iowa Democratic Committee state chair had HRC 2016 on her licence plate?

Moreover, during the early phase of the 2016 primary there was a media blackout on Sanders. The Clinton-friendly media was building up Donald Trump as a pied piper and totally ignoring Sanders. He only got coverage due to his ties in Iowa and Nevada and his resounding victory over Clinton in New Hampshire. When Bernie was mentioned it was mostly in the context of Clinton, and not his issues and what he stood for. Every media study has shown both Clinton and Trump received inordinate coverage from the media.

Worse almost all of the southern states, with a strong black voting population, were front loaded in the primary process. The southern states are renown for low media markets. How was Bernie to get out his message to black voters that he marched with MLK and he was arrested while chained to a black women while fighting for civil rights and against housing segregation back in the ’60s. After the southern states had already voted, Bernie’s favorable rating among black voters stood at 72 percent. But it was too late for those voters to vote for him, due to the media blackout and the front loading.

The fact is Bernie would have won and we never would have had Trump were it not been for Clinton. Also Warren shares some blame here as she proclaims to echo Bernie’s progressive message but she was a no-show for Bernie when he needed her 2016 support. Had she endorsed Sanders then Clinton would have lost Iowa, Nevada and Massachusetts, each effectively a tie. Those losses would have knocked her out of the race!

Bernie would have defeated Trump in 2016 and he will defeat him in 2020! You better get used to this!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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