Michael Weddle’s Prophetic Facebook Post on November 13, 2015 at 12:42 PM

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Facebook Memories are a valuable tool as what you once wrote in the past comes back for further review. Below, is a post I made back in 2015.

>>>“The ONLY sensible candidate running, among all of them, is Bernie Sanders. Not only has he aptly identified the necessary issues, he has a history of action which supports what he advocates, he’s rejected ‘big money’ into the political process and he has vowed to strengthen America’s middle class and give hope to poor folks, especially our veterans who have suffered the consequences of mostly Republican-led or escalated wars.

“On the Dem side, Sanders is a way superior candidate than is Hillary Clinton. Clinton continually adjusts her positions to fit what her political strategists require of her. Significantly, she’s too cozy with Wall Street (her campaign contributions confirm this!). Given the current likelihood of a corporate media campaign to now plant a Clinton v. Trump match-up in the minds of voters, the oligarchs will — they are now — circle their wagons around Clinton given the volatility of Trump. Remember, a Clinton v. Trump match-up will mean great money for the media. The media tried very hard to create a paginated match-up of Clinton v. Bush, but Bush has proven feeble on the campaign trail, thus the Trump alternative.”<<<

As the page of history turned, this is precisely what we got: Clinton v. Trump!

The media also would have liked another Clinton v. Bush race, for ratings, of course. But Bush had two things going against him: a) The electorate did not want three Bushes (much like it provenly showed it didn’t want two Clintons); and b) Jeb Bush not only was going against celebrity Trump, but he was going against a Trump that also had Clinton’s powerful media connections pushing for Trump to break from the crowded GOPwinger pack. Wikileaks-released documents showed the HRC forces thought she could easily defeat Trump in November.

Bottom line? America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP) would have preferred Clinton because she was trained, polished and smoother than Trump. But, deep down, the AOEP knew Trump would also play their game. This has been proven true — Trump did not, and will not, drain the swamp!

The problem with the plan, however, was the media monopoly had built Trump up too much and it couldn’t bring him down when it came time to push for Clinton. Plus, the electorate did not want a second Clinton! Her 1.2 billion dollar loss had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders, the Russians or Wikileaks.

The past few decades has shown the AOEP controlling who the presidential nominees become. With both Trump and Clinton in pocket, the 2016 election became an ‘anybody-but-Bernie Sanders’ race.

Now, in 2020, too many folks see through the greed of the oligarchy, the monopolized media’s pitiful attempt at manufacturing consent and the hardcore consultancy reality controlling leadership of both political parties.

Today, Bernie Sanders stands a chance for 2020 — let’s make this happen!

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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