Use The Buddy System to Vote ’Em Out — Turn Your One Vote Into Two!

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Michael Weddle — originally published as a Facebook Post — December 29, 2016 at 6:51 AM (edited and graphics added)

By the end of 2003 nearly 70 percent of Americans believed Saddam Hussein had a direct connection to 9/11. Would I be far off to surmise that this 70 percent demographic segment was largely comprised of Trump or Clinton-like voters? Who were the 30 percent who didn’t think like this? You guessed it, they were mostly Bernie Sanders-type supporters.

Take, for example, the drug war. When Nixon began the drug war — entirely for political purposes — there were 200,000 people in jail. Today, the figure is near 1.8 million and most Americans now are in favor of moving away from the drug war. Who always opposed this drug war? You guessed it, Bernie Sanders-type supporters.

Take heed, folks. If you do not begin thinking progressively, with insight, you’re gonna ruin the health of our planet. We’ve already done an excellent job destroying the respective cultures on our planet. Why make it worse? Always question authority! Think out of the box! Stop voting for pedigreed politicians whose only interest is perpetuating a system of failed oligarchy!

At one time main media was the last defender of the people. Unfortunately, the media today has become a controlling force over people. When Reagan took over there were 50 major media companies. Today, there’s a monopoly of five controlling 90 percent of everything you see and hear. The media no longer covers the news … it controls the news. Who opposed deregulating the FCC that brought on the monopoly? You guessed it, Bernie Sanders-type supporters.

The 2016 election was a set-up. Ultimately, we only had a choice between a billionaire or a multi-millionaire. Both candidates favored Big Defense, Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agri and continuing the drug war and a US policy of world militaristic hegemony.

After decades of getting screwed, most Americans didn’t want two Bushes and two Clintons in four of the past five presidencies — so Trump, pretending himself an outsider who’d “drain the swamp,” got the nod. Now elected, Trump no longer discusses the swamp!

So who created this condition? You guessed it, the media. The corporate media whose journalists (if you can still call them that) thrive in big-city markets on six and seven-digit salaries. Very likely they get rewarding December bonuses for their reporting on November elections. Meanwhile, Christmas is a pittance to what it once was, we still scream “Happy New Year” then go back to getting screwed again!

It’s been a combination of bad media, bad education, bad economics and bad policy that has wrought a condition whereby only half of Americans vote in presidential elections, one-third vote in gubernatorial races and 18% vote in municipal elections. The winner, backed by big bucks, wins by getting slightly more than half those numbers! Hence, the terrible tilt towards Right Wing America!

Please stop being manipulated! I’d appreciate that very much. If you really thought deeply about it, you would also!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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