Mexican Heart & Hand vs. US Middle-Finger Politics

A Prediction on How The Asylum-Seeker Caravans Will Resolve

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It’s a Long Way to The USA!

Three waves of Latino people seeking political asylum have left repressive and often life-threatening conditions in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They are embarked on a 2,000 mile caravan journey to America where they will formally seek political status under existing American and international law.

Sadly, the US Will Heartlessly Show Asylum Seekers A Middle Finger

On one hand, the wall-less cold-hearted nationalist Donald Trump ain’t happy; but he is grateful he’s got a new issue with which to rally his hardcore ‘Proud Boy’ political base.

In classic heavy-handed pre-Mid-Term electioneering form, Trump announced 5,200 US soldiers will meet asylum seekers when they reach the border. The US soldiers will complement elements of the now-militarized Immigration Control & Enforcement (ICE) force, already stationed at the border, plus over 2,000 National Guard troops already present.

What will become the size of the US military greet-keepers?

Nationally, ICE was 45,000 members strong before Trump took office. He promised to add 15,000 additional soldiers to beef up the agency, which has military jurisdiction up to 100 miles inland from all of America’s borders (60% of the population). Who knows how many ICE soldiers will be thrown into the nefarious mix. Likely lots of ‘em. It’ll be like an ICE convention!

However its size, Trump’s new American border army will be well-equipped, impressive and expensive. Some journalists will describe it as “overkill,” sort of a human vs. ant condition.

Nonetheless, Trump likely will publicly postulate, like he did with his wall, that Mexico will pay the cost of this unnecessary self-imposed burden.

Trump is seizing his opportunity, his moment in time, where he can prove he leads his nation with an iron fist, much like the Marvel Comic character, Doctor Doom. After all, what would a villainess Doctor Doom do with Congress and the courts backing, forgiving or obscuring his every move?

Grim, huh?

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Meanwhile, south of the border, Trump has a hardliner counterpart already at play in The Fields of the Lord, the president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto. His administration has been plagued with corruption and scandal and he once saw his approval rating drop to 12% in 2017. He’s considered one of the least popular Mexican presidents ever. Having already lost it all, Nieto’s got little to lose! His party was defeated in the last election by popular pro-labor leftists with a progressive leader, Lopez Obrador who’ll be sworn in as Mexico’s new president on December 1st.

The tide will turn … or as a valued card from the game of Mille Bornes would proclaim, “coup-fourré!”

At present, Nieto authoritatively has not been kind to those within the caravans, families included. Often he’s shown military bluster treating marchers less than kindly, using interrogation, rubber bullets and even insecticides, as noted in the below Telesur reporting:

So the hardliner struggle will play out throughout a cold November. Many freedom-seekers will attempt to gain relief from Mexico, but likely most of the others will wanna try their luck with America.

They could stay strong in numbers, strengthened by cause, their political message obvious and maintain a common sense and understandable appeal for humanity … or they could splinter into several groups and head a variety of different directions.

Whatever becomes their tactic, these marchers can travel at 20 to 30 miles per day. Of note in their struggle is the warmth and affection Mexican citizens are showing towards them along the way. In a strong sense of Christian duty, the Mexicans have been caring for them. Also, aid agencies and other sponsors have stepped to the plate to help. With the truth of reality on their side, they march on!

Trump will have about 30 days to play wooly-bully as Tyrant Tweetster. Much of his behavior will become contingent on outcomes of the November 6th Mid-Term election.

If GOPwingers keep control of Congress expect a very hemorrhoidal Trump hurling lots of insult, foul language and fact revisionism. He’ll do whatever he wants knowing he’ll be immune from any serious impeachment move, comforted he controls the courts and he’ll gleefully be stroking himself as GOPwinger after GOPwinger will join his relentless militarized police state approach.

Much like Nixon once waved his hands in the form of two peace signs (or victory signs), Trump will eventually present himself at the border and raise his hands high and extend both of his middle fingers towards the Latino people, resoundingly proclaiming: “F-U! You’re not coming in … look what I’ve got!”

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Tin Soldier’s and Trump’s Army

This has played out in history before and the karma of it all has brought historians many tales — most have seen and enjoyed the irony of Lord of The Rings. But who would imagine we’d be seeing this real today in a supposedly civilized and educated society … is it any wonder?

The Wheel of Karma & The Hands of Time

Here’s the potential beauty, the coup-fourré, to Trump’s Gollum-like deal.

In counter-balance to the terrifying Trumpitis affliction, most reasonable people in the world know — in hearts and in minds — much of what has been described above is cruel-hearted, and the wrong way to treat hopeful people. In the eyes of The Watcher above (see Marvel Comics), again, it’s the human vs. the ant.

The factor of this very condition itself could reflect an unexpected shining light enabling goodness, justice and a new respect for humanity to prevail in place of Trump’s darkness.

Will the humans do the right thing; will God save the ant?

The resolution to this dichotomy comes in the form of the impending Obrador leftist government, a government predicated to understanding people, caring and providing for people. Could it also be possible that Justin Trudeau’s Canadian government might also show heart and lend a helping hand to Obrador by offering asylum to some at the US border? Other nations too perhaps?

The potential stage for confrontation is manifest. It could become the ultimate face-off: Selfish, greedy right-wingers darkly cloaked on behalf of the rich and powerful vs. The long-held left-wing principles of want for fairness, dignity and self-determination of people, especially aimed at those in dire need.

Trump’s righties vs. Obrador’s lefties … the whole world watching!

America’s reputation as world leader, its international image, its very prestige, will bare on the line of the Mexican-US border:

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“Give me your tired, your huddled masses ….”

No doubt. Trump’s army (most of whom want nothing to do with this) and his bully-tough neocon rhetoric, his misconstrued patriotism, will lose all respect and dignity. Trump will become The GOPwinger Emperor With No Clothes!

In closing, perhaps this shining light could also grace Bernie Sanders becoming elected the next US president and Jeremy Corbyn as Britain’s prime minister.

Finally then, key leaders from both sides of the pond — three from here, three from there — could come together and save the planet from climate change and figure out reasonable ways for trade and commerce that do not require war, colonization and the raping of the world’s resources utilizing slave labor. The future of our children, the goodness of humanity, require this to happen!

Voltaire once dealt with optimism … we should too! “We each must cultivate our own garden!” Thoreau was in agreement: “If a plant can not live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man!”

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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